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Master's Degree Programs

Department of Special Education (SPCD)

  • Special Education, M.A.
    Intellectual Disability & Severe Disabilities Concentration
    Learning and Behavioral Exceptionalities Concentration

Department of Health, Exercise, and Sports Sciences (HESS)

  • Health Education, M.S.
    Community Health Concentration
  • Physical Education, M.S.
    Adapted Physical Education Concentration
    Curriculum and Instruction Concentration
    Exercise Science Concentration
    General Physical Education Concentration
    Sport Administration Concentration

Department of Individual, Family, and Community Education (IFCE)

Department of Language, Literacy, and Sociocultural Studies (LLSS)

  • Language, Literacy and Sociocultural Studies, M.A.
    American Indian Education Concentration
    Bilingual Education Concentration
    Educational Thought and Sociocultural Studies Concentration
    Literacy/Language Arts Concentration
    Social Studies Concentration
    Teaching English as a Second Language Concentration

Department of Teacher Education, Educational Leadership & Policy (TEELP)