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Dr. Jane Blumenfeld Lecture Series Videos

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2024- Promoting Equity for Multilinguals with Disabilities by Dr. Sara Kangas

2023- Educating English Learners with Learning Difficulties and Disabilities: Perplexing Questions and Evolving Answers by Dr. Alba Ortiz

2022 - Reconciling the Past, Changing the Future: Meaningful Engagement of Students with Disabilities and their Families in Special Education” by Tawara Goode

2021 - Culturally Competent Special Education: “How do I know when I see it and what I am supposed to see?” by Charles Dukes, PhD

2019 - "It's just easier to not make a big deal about it": Including Cultural Difference in Inclusive Special Education by Maya Kalyanpur, PhD

2018 - "They don't know who I am!": From Stereotypes to Reciprocity in Special Education by Elizabeth Harry, PhD

2017 - The Untold Stories of a Special Education Researcher by Diane Browder, PhD

2015 - Interdisciplinary Notes on the Intersections of Ability & Language Difference: Complicating Traditional Paradigms by Alfredo J. Artiles, PhD