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Elementary Education Program

Welcome to the University of New Mexico’s Professional Program in Elementary (K-8) Education!

The COEHS Elementary Education Program is a rigorous and rewarding academic Program where program faculty, Field Services staff, and COEHS advisors care deeply about our teacher candidates’ personal and professional development. Each and every individual associated with the program holds dear the profession of teaching. This is why, in addition to our high academic standards, we hold high expectations in the areas of dispositions and habits of mind. We expect all teacher candidates to exhibit ethical, caring, behavior; to work diligently to develop skills that reflect competency in the areas of content knowledge and pedagogy; and to complete the established professional sequence as outlined.

We encourage teacher candidates to actively engage in collaborative efforts with faculty, staff, peers, and cooperating teachers to not only enhance their own development, but also that of their professional learning communities. This includes, for example, attending school site events; participating in program sponsored activities; and being an advocate and ambassador for the UNM College of Education & Human Sciences.

We are here to support candidates through this journey, encouraging them to ask questions and seek assistance when needed. COEHS faculty and staff are committed to addressing our students’ needs and inquiries in an ethical, competent, and timely manner.

The Elementary Education Program

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