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Department of Individual, Family, & Community Education

COEHS Statement on Solidarity with BIPOC

Welcome to the Department of Individual, Family and Community Education!

The Department of IFCE houses four diverse, but interconnected, programs that prepare students to address the myriad issues faced by the State of New Mexico.  Our faculty members are leaders in their disciplines of Counselor Education, Educational Psychology, Family and Child Studies, and Nutrition; although each of these programs reflect different professional fields and identities, we all have shared values of human development, diversity, and excellence in scholarship and teaching.  We offer various Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral Degrees and a number of programs have achieved national accreditations in their fields, a true marker of success and innovation.

photo of Zia Hossain

I hope you explore our website to learn more about our specific programs and course offerings, and reach out with any questions that you might have.

Ziarat Hossain, Ph.D.
Department Chair

Counselor Education, students learning in classroom

Counselor Education

The nationally accredited Counselor Education Program trains informed, innovative counselors who are skilled at helping diverse populations.

Educational Psychology, man looking at the puzzle piece between thumb and forefinger

Educational Psychology

The Educational Psychology Program offers exceptional instruction in applying psychological theory and research in a variety of educational settings.

Family Studies Program, mother, father, little girl, and toddler boy

Family and Child Studies

The Family and Child Studies Program trains students to apply science and interpersonal skills to promote family and individual well-being.

Nutrition and Dietetics Program, fork with lettuce, yellow bell pepper and cherry tomato on it

Nutrition and Dietetics

The Nutrition/Dietetics Program offers comprehensive coursework in the science of nourishing the body and the relationship between people and food science.