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Educational Psychology


Welcome to the Educational Psychology (EDPY) Program Home Page. This web site provides information about the masters and doctoral programs in Educational Psychology at the University of New Mexico. It also provides information for students enrolled in our courses. It is not intended to replace faculty advisement or information in the UNM Catalog or the UNM Pathfinder. We invite you to contact any of our faculty members if you have questions about the program, or are in need of advice about course work.

Program Overview

The Educational Psychology Program is designed to provide students with:

  • a broad base of knowledge including theoretical perspectives from various fields of Psychology;
  • a strong research orientation and a solid understanding of and ability to use a variety of research methodologies; and
  • a critical and scholarly approach to evaluating research, theory, and practice.

The program faculty are committed to help students develop the ability to apply this knowledge and these skills to the understanding, development, and evaluation of learning and instructional practices in a variety of contexts. Our goal is to help students develop an understanding of the role of individual and group differences as they affect learning and instruction.

The program in Educational Psychology provides:

  • A research-based curriculum covering basic concepts and theories in psychology as they relate to learning and instruction. Included are cognition, human development, learning, motivation, measurement,assessment, evaluation, and applications to education policy and practice.
  • An integrated sequence of courses and other learning experiences that will insure the development of a clear basis for understanding the links among teaching, learning, and assessment, including the role of various individual difference and group factors on these processes.
  • A rigorous training sequence in educational statistics and research methodologies that will allow graduates to evaluate and conduct educational research in a variety of contexts.
  • A variety of opportunities, such as teaching assistantships and internships, that will prepare doctoral students for their future professional endeavors.

Degree and Certificate Programs

Graduate Programs


  • Doctoral Minors
  • Cognitive & Psychological Processes
  • Quantitative Methods in Education