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Educational Psychology

Welcome to Educational Psychology! If you have ever wondered about how we learn, what role motivation plays in learning, how we measure and analyze learning or how we change across a lifespan, then maybe you are one of us! Our goal is to help you develop an understanding of the role of individual and group differences as they affect learning and instruction. If you are curious, the faculty in Educational Psychology invite you to browse through our pages and learn more about how we can help you meet your professional goals.

A graduate degree in Educational Psychology will provide you with knowledge and skills you need to be professionally successful in a variety of formal and informal educational settings. We offer several degrees to meet this goal including:

By working with communities, families, or schools, our graduate degrees can help you make a difference in the world.

To find out more about our degrees, please keep scrolling! We look forward to getting to know more about your goals and how we can support you. If you have questions as you explore our pages, please contact us at

To explore when EDPY courses will be offered, check out our 3-year schedule . This will help you plan your way to an EDPY graduate degree or minor!

What Can I Do with a Graduate Degree in Educational Psychology?

This is the number one asked question, and it is an excellent one! You can find our graduates in a variety of educational settings from K-12 classrooms to the NM Department of Health. Our graduates are positively contributing to society by applying what they learned through their graduate experiences in Educational Psychology. Check out information about what our alumni are doing.

Educational Psychologists apply psychological and developmental ideas and methods in order to foster effective teaching and learning for all ages in a variety of settings. Professionals in this field conduct research and teach in colleges and universities, schools and school districts, government agencies, educational research organizations, national laboratories, the military, and the corporate sector.

Educational Psychology, M.A.

Engage in professional development focused on the psychological factors impacting learning throughout life and how we study them!

Learn about the M.A.

Educational Psychology, Ph.D.

Develop the knowledge and skills needed to ask important questions and research focused on psychological factors that will improve teaching and learning in a variety of educational settings!

Learn about the Ph.D.

Educational Psychology, Combined M.A. and Ph.D.

Combine the MA and PhD for a research-intensive experience that builds knowledge and skills needed to conduct research on psychological factors impacting learning!

Learn about the M.A.+Ph.D.

Educational Psychology, Doctoral Minors

Supplement your Doctoral Degree with an Educational Psychology minor in Cognitive and Psychological Processes or Quantitative Methods in Education.

Learn about the Doctoral Minors