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Educational Psychology, M.A.

Degree Program: Educational Psychology
Degree: Master of Arts (M.A.)
Program Code: MA-EDPY

Department: Individual, Family & Community Education
Program: Educational Psychology


The Master of Arts (M.A.) in Educational Psychology is offered with a thesis (30 hours) or without a thesis (33 hours). Masters students acquire a broad understanding of educational research. They can tailor their coursework to meet their needs, emphasizing either practitioner-oriented introductory courses or more advanced, research and evaluation-oriented methodology courses. The program is designed to give students a broad and critical perspective on the psychological factors affecting individuals in schools, other educational settings, and other learning situations throughout the life span. The program also emphasizes critical evaluation and application of research and theory based on a firm grounding in measurement, assessment, research methodology and quantitative methods.

Program Information

Application and Admissions

Educational Psychology M.A. and PhD. Application and Admission Schedule

Degree being applied for:Complete Application Dueby:Faculty will most likely make decisionFor admission beginning the
MA or PhDMarch 1April 1Summer or Fall
MA or PhDOctober 1November 1Spring Semester
Combined MA/PhDDecember 1February 14Fall Semester