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Educational Psychology Doctoral Minors

Meet additional professional goals by augmenting your current doctoral work with a doctoral minor in Educational Psychology. Plus, our transcripted minors can make you more marketable when applying for jobs. The two minors are: Cognitive and Psychological Processes or Quantitative Methods in Education.

In the Cognitive and Psychological Processes minor you'll gain a broad and critical perspective on the psychological factors affecting individuals in schools, other educational settings, and other learning situations throughout the life span. You can expect a research-based curriculum covering basic concepts and theories in psychology as they relate to learning and instruction.

In the Quantitative Methods in Education minor you’ll gain the research skills to contribute original knowledge to your field. This minor emphasizes critical evaluation and application of research and theory based on a firm grounding in measurement, assessment, research methodology, and quantitative methods. You can expect a rigorous training sequence in educational statistics and research methodologies that will allow graduates to evaluate and conduct educational research in a variety of contexts.

All doctoral students—in the College of Education and Human Sciences or in other colleges—are encouraged to investigate how our two minors can help you!

Program Requirements

Both minors consist of a minimum of 24 credits and must have a minor committee member on their comprehensive exam committee. For many students, the minor courses are also required in their doctoral degree.

Graduate Minor in Cognitive and Psychological Processes
from the UNM Catalog

Graduate Minor in Quantitative Methods in Education
from the UNM Catalog

Educational Psychology, Ph.D.
minor requirements

Apply Today!

To apply, you need identify an Educational Psychology minor advisor. Once you have identified a faculty member, contact them to arrange a meeting to discuss being your minor advisor. After you have met with an EDPY faculty member, and they have agreed to be your minor advisor, complete the form from the Office of Graduate Studies.