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COEHS District Partner Teacher Residency (DPTR)


What is DPTR?

Teacher residency is a paid year-long rigorous guided apprenticeship with an experienced co-teacher. Residencies occur in partner Districts or Charter Schools that intend to employ the resident for three years post-residency. With anticipated funding from New Mexico House Bill 13 “Teacher Residencies,” the COEHS is partnering with several surrounding districts and charter schools to prepare teachers specifically to teach in these programs.

Applications for 2024-2025 will open October 15, 2023

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2024-2025 District &amp Charter School Licensure Areas

Belen Public Schools

  • Elementary (K-8)
  • Mathematics: Secondary (7-12)
  • Science: Secondary (7-12)
  • English/Language Arts: Secondary (7-12)
  • Special Education (PK-12)
  • Visual Arts
  • Bilingual Education (Spanish)

Program Overview

  • Each District/Charter School in the DPTR is a unique partnership between College of Education & Human Sciences and select Districts and Charter Schools

  • Teacher Residents complete methods courses and student teaching in 2-3 semesters (Fall & Spring, or Fall, Spring & Summer)

  • Residents receive a stipend of $35,000 over the course of Fall and Spring semesters.

    • This stipend is taxable income. Residents will receive a Form 1098 for tax purposes.

    • Please understand the implications for your other financial assistance such as financial aid, supplemental income, supplemental housing allowances, child support, or other financial implications.

    • You may choose to use these funds for tuition, or securing other supports and scholarships to pay this tuition. See Financial Supports for Teacher Candidates below.

    • You may choose to opt out of funding for your Residency Year.

  • Each partner District and Charter School has an expectation to hire each Resident once they receive licensure along with a positive recommendation from the Residency School. Please note this is not a guarantee.

  • Residents agree to teach in their partner District or Charter School for a minimum of 3 years as licensed teachers in K-12 schools.

  • Residents are discouraged from holding jobs outside of DPTR teaching and coursework responsibilities.

  • Graduate Programs
    • Graduate Certificate in Elementary Education with K-8 Licensure
    • MA in Secondary Education + Licensure
    • Special Education Graduate Alternative Licensure
    • Visual Arts (K-12)
  • Undergraduate Programs
    • Elementary Education BSED
    • Secondary Education BAED/BSED
    • Special Education Dual Licensure (Special Education & Elementary Education)
    • Visual Arts (K-12)
    • Physical Education (K-12)
    • Early Childhood Multicultural Education (PK-3)



  • Early Childhood Multicultural Education (PK-3): Coursework Mondays
  • Elementary Education: Coursework Mondays, weekday evenings, and online.
  • Secondary Education: Coursework Mondays, weekday evenings and online.
  • Special Education: Coursework Wednesday afternoons and weekday evenings.
  • Other Programs: Consult your Faculty Advisor for Coursework requirements.

Field Experience:

Beginning with the District Professional Learning Days for Teachers in late July or early August, depending on the Residency school’s start date for teachers.

Full year in a P-12 classroom following the school calendar for the entire P-12 school year for the full teacher day.

  • Early Childhood Multicultural Education (PK-3): Tuesdays-Fridays
  • Elementary Education: Tuesdays-Fridays
  • Secondary Education: Tuesdays-Fridays
  • Special Education: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesday mornings, Thursdays, Fridays, or Mondays-Friday



  • Complete course requirements not completed in Fall Semester, including content courses for Degree Programs, Teaching Fields, and/or Endorsements
  • Evening Seminar for most programs

Field Experience:

  • Mondays-Fridays for the full District Calendar and the full teacher duty day
  1. Register in Field Services Portal—
  2. Full year in a P-12 classroom following the school calendar for the entire P-12 school year for the full teacher day.

Proof of a district-specific cleared background check, fingerprinting, and liability insurance required.

  • True Partnership: DPTR partners co-construct and co-administer the Teacher Residency with UNM faculty.
  • An Award-Winning Residency – UNM COEHS is an experienced and award-winning residency partner. The Albuquerque Teacher Residency Program was formed in 2017 with a partnership among the COEHS, Albuquerque Public Schools, and the Albuquerque Teachers Federation. ATRP was awarded the Billy G. Dixon Distinguished Program in Teacher Preparation in the US in 2022 by the Association of Teacher Educators.
  • Residents agree to teach in their District or Charter School for a minimum of 3 years as licensed teachers in P-12 schools.
  • Each Principal and Co-Teacher who works with residents receives a stipend.
  • $2,000 Stipend for mentoring a Teacher Resident for a full academic year.
  • Professional Development Opportunities with other Co-Teachers around the state.

Would you like to be a Co-Teacher?

Complete the Co-Teacher application form.

The Albuquerque Teacher Resident Program is now incorporated into the District Partners Teacher Residency program. ATRP was awarded the 2022 Billy G. Dixon Distinguished Program in Teacher Education.

The original webpage for ATRP is still live for archival purposes only. Interested Teacher Residents or Co-Teachers should refer to the applications on the DTPR page you are currently viewing.

Funding SourcePotential $$DetailsContact

Teacher Preparation Affordability Scholarship (TPA)

Up to $6,000 per year over 2 semesters (Summer funding already expended)

Funding only for “unmet financial need” as determined by FAFSA application

UNM Financial Aid*

Grow Your Own Teachers Scholarship (GYOT)

Up to $3,000 per semester

Must have been an Educational Assistant in New Mexico for a minimum of 2 years

UNM Financial Aid*


Up to $4,000 per year

Must agree to teach in a high-need subject area in a high-need school for a minimum of 4 years

UNM Financial Aid*

New Mexico Legislative Lottery Scholarship

Tuition funding

For Undergraduates only for up to 7 semesters.

UNM Financial Aid*

Opportunity Scholarship

Tuition and fees

For Undergraduates only—1st Degree

UNM Financial Aid*

Nusenda Scholarship

Funding varies

Must have been an Educational Assistant in Albuquerque Public Schools for a minimum of 2 years

APS Education Foundation: Nusenda Credit Union Scholarship

New Mexico Workforce Connection

Tuition, fees, testing fees, books, etc.

For Graduate Licensure students in Elementary & Secondary Education only. Must be financially eligible.

Call Workforce Connection at 505-843-1907 to meet with a case

District Partner Teacher Residency (DPTR)

$35,000 stipend for 1 full year of clinical preparation. Depending on annual funding by the State of New Mexico.

Must a) apply to a District Partner Teacher Residency, b) complete a full year of clinical preparation, c) must agree to teach in your district for another 3 years.

Visit the COEHS DPTR Website

HB 13/2 Paid Student Teaching

$10,450 stipend full-time student teaching semester. Depending on annual funding by the State of New Mexico.

Must be participating in full-time (5 days per week) student teaching.

Visit the COEHS Paid Student Teachingwebsite and complete the application

Apply to be a Teacher Resident

If you are applying for the residency for the first time, please submit your application using the "Apply to Become a Teacher Resident" link on this website.

If you have applied for the residency previously and would like to change your priorities, please REAPPLY using the "Apply to Become a Teacher Resident" link on this website.

Questions?  Email Dr. Marjori Krebs at

Note: Information is subject to change.

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Professional Licensure Disclosure

Our program has determined it meets professional licensure requirements in the state of New Mexico. It has not determined it meets professional licensure requirements in any other state.