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About Us

We do much more than educate teachers, counselors, and researchers. We inspire each student to lead, to celebrate diversity, and to make a lasting difference in the world. As New Mexico’s flagship college of education, we deliver high-quality instruction, diverse course offerings, active research programs, and challenging professional development opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students. Our stellar and highly diverse faculty leads dynamic classes, while conducting innovative research on today’s educational challenges.

We excel in multicultural education, which is critical because of our nation’s growing cultural diversity. Of course, we have a strategic advantage over other schools: New Mexico’s multicultural and multilingual population. Our unique setting gives COEHS students unparalleled opportunities to practice what they learn with a wide variety of student populations.

Albuquerque is a great place to live, with stunning scenic beauty, a perfect climate, amazing recreational activities, and Albuquerque’s vibrant scene. Inspired to learn more? Explore our website. Give us a call. Better yet, come visit.