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The Albuquerque Teacher Residency Partnership


The College of Education & Human Sciences at the University of New Mexico (UNM), the Albuquerque Public  School District (APS) and the Albuquerque Teachers Federation (ATF) have a long history of collaboration focusing on improving education for students. The on-going goal of all three organizations has been to ensure all students have equal access to high-quality teachers. UNM, APS, and ATF developed and implemented a residency pathway, the Albuquerque Teacher Residency Partnership (ATRP), to improve the preparation and retention of effective, diverse teachers for high-need schools. Elementary and Secondary Teacher Residents work with and receive intensive mentoring from APS classroom teachers in a co-teaching partnership.

All ATRP Residents receive an annual stipend to support their studies, off-set tuition costs, and assist with cost-of-living expenses. This stipend is considered taxable income.

In addition, Teacher Candidates may complete their Master's Degree coursework through the UNM College of Education & Human Sciences in Elementary or Secondary Education.

Blue badge of the Billy G. Dixon Distinguished Program in Teacher Education Award

Awarded the 2022 Billy G. Dixon Distinguished Program in Teacher Education


As of Spring 2022, the ATRP program has been incorporated into the COEHS District Partners Teacher Residency program.

If you are interested in applying to be a Teacher Resident or Co-Teacher, visit the DPTR webpage for more information.

Visit COEHS District Partners Teacher Residency program

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For questions concerning ATRP or DPTR, Please contact Dr. Marjori Krebs at

To Apply to ATRP

ATRP will begin accepting applications for Cohort VI on October 15, 2022. Be sure to apply by January 17, 2023 for best consideration. Please upload your passing PRAXIS scores with your application.

Application Timeline

  1. Apply: Submit your application by JANUARY 17, 2023, for best consideration. Applicants will be pre-screened and notified of initial selection.
  2. Save the Date: You will be notified of your interview date and time by email.
  3. Notification: Applicants will be notified of Acceptance by March 31st, 2023.
  4. Testing, Background Check, and UNM Graduate School Application: Applicants take the PRAXIS, complete a background check through APS, and apply to UNM Graduate School.
  5. Final Acceptance: Applicants will submit their test scores and background check documentation.
  6. Residency Begins: ATRP Residents, Cohort VI begin classes in June 2023.

Become an ATRP Teacher Candidate

You will need:

  1. Transcripts: Obtain all transcripts from your undergraduate and any graduate studies. Note: If you are accepted into ATRP you will need your official transcripts in order to complete your UNM Graduate School Application.
  2. Letter of Interest: Write your letter of interest explaining why you are interested in becoming a teacher and why the residency program would be a good fit for you. Your letter should be about 500-750 words, double spaced, and can be submitted as a Word Document or PDF.
  3. Resume/ CV: Prepare your resume, highlighting any experiences working with children, youth, and/or diverse communities.
  4. Pass Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators and Praxis Subject Assessments: Learn about core comprehensive assessments @ Register for assessments @
    For best consideration, please pass all assessments prior to interviews which occur in February/March. Any applicants interested in secondary education (7th-12th) must also pass a content area examination. Upload registration date or examination scores in online application.
  5. Online Application: Once you’ve gathered everything, upload your prepared documents.

As of Spring 2022, the ATRP program has been incorporated into the COEHS District Partners Teacher Residency program.

If you are interested in applying to be a Teacher Resident, visit the DPTR webpage for more information.

ATRP Mission

The Albuquerque Teacher Residency Partnership recruits, prepares, and supports caring, committed, competent, and diverse teachers for students in Albuquerque Public Schools.

ATRP Vision

Because all children, youth, and families deserve an engaging, collaborative, and integrated education and personalized support for success:

  • ATRP integrates rigorous academic coursework and theory with focused clinical experiences in ABC Community Schools with carefully selected exemplary co-teachers.
  • ATRP aspiring teachers are well prepared to inspire students, empower learning, and work within diverse communities.
  • ATRP guides transformative teaching and learning experiences, shapes teacher practices to affirm and intentionally center the intersectional identities of all stakeholders, and works to build a more inclusive and just society.

ATRP Core Values

  • Teachers matter.
    Quality teaching profoundly impacts students’ lifelong success.
  • Teaching is a profession.
    Like medicine and law, teaching combines theoretical knowledge with practical application. Committed Teacher Residents can learn to be effective teachers for all students through sustained clinical experiences.
  • Teacher preparation and development integrates research, theory, and practice.
    University faculty, co-teachers, school leaders, and residents exist as a collaborative community of practice.
  • Collaborative leadership drives school improvement.
    All voices are valued in the decision-making process.
  • Equity and social justice must be at the center of educational practices.
    All students are valued for their identity and intersectionality.
  • Students deserve and are enriched by teachers who reflect their diversity.
    Intentional recruitment and retention of teachers of color purposefully creates a diverse teacher workforce.
  • Relationships among teachers and students is the foundation of teaching and learning.
    Teaching and learning occurs through intentional, meaningful engagement with colleagues, students, families, communities, and stakeholders.
  • Reflection and inquiry drive student growth.
    Teachers and learners rigorously question themselves, their practices, and the world around them and reflect on past actions for future improvement.
  • Growth and development for students and teachers occurs over time.
    Learning, learning how to learn, and learning how to teach well are lifelong endeavors.

Our Partnership

The Albuquerque Teacher Residency Partnership is founded on a strong collaborative relationship between APS, UNM, and ATF with the shared vision of educating high-potential, aspiring teachers who are invested in making a measurable and sustainable change toward equal education.

UNM oversees the implementation of the program and facilitates program instruction. APS facilitates the placement of Teacher Residents in Title I, ABC Community School classrooms with expert co-teachers. ATF provides Teacher Residents and Co-Teachers professional learning opportunities. All partners work in conjunction with the APS Board of Education and the UNM College of Education & Human Sciences.


Living Stipend

All ATRP Residents receive a stipend of approximately $35,000, which is taxable income. These funds can be used for living expenses or to cover tuition costs.

Guaranteed Teaching Job with APS

All ATRP Residents who successfully complete the program are guaranteed a job as a Level I teacher in the Albuquerque Public Schools and agree to teach for APS for a minimum of 2 years or more depending on grant funding requirements.

Level I teachers start at $50,000 per ten-month year with full benefits.

Teaching with ATRP

Residents start teaching right away 

Following a series of summer classes, ATRP Residents begin working in their assigned residency schools, paired with Master Co-Teachers, on the first day of the fall semester for Albuquerque Public Schools. All Residents complete their teacher preparation in one of the ABC Community Schools in APS.

ATRP Coursework

ATRP Teacher Candidates participate in teaching methodology courses in the first summer of the program, followed by continued methodology courses, field experience, and seminar. In the final spring semester of the program, students concentrate on their field experience and seminar courses. In this final semester, teacher residents will be teaching all of their co-teachers classes, ideally beginning at spring break through the end of the APS school year.

Master’s Degree Coursework

Once teacher residents have completed their licensure courses, they can use many of those licensure courses as electives to complete their MA Degrees. Teacher residents work with faculty advisors to complete their MA Programs.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees for 24 credits to complete Licensure Coursework to become a teacher in APS: Approximately $9,000

Tuition and Fees for 32-33 credits to complete the above licensure requirements and coursework to complete the Master’s Degree: Approximately $13,000

Other Fees

  • $60 – MA Program Application Fee (one-time, non-refundable)
  • $125 - TK20 Fee (one-time)
  • $5 Field Placement Fee (each semester)
  • $15 Technology Fee (each semester)

Testing Requirements

PRAXIS testing is required for all licensed teachers. All ATRP Applicants MUST pass the PRAXIS Basic Skills Tests (Reading, Writing, and Mathematics) prior to being accepted into ATRP. Secondary Education applicants must pass an additional test in their content area. Additional PRAXIS tests are required when applying to the State of New Mexico for licensure.

Please visit: to learn about PRAXIS.

Take your tests now!

Elementary Education PRAXIS Testing Requirements

Passing Scores Must Be Provided Before Admission to ATRP

PRAXIS Basic Skills: Reading (5713), Writing (5723), and Mathematics (5733), OR All 3 tests combined (5752)

Secondary Education PRAXIS Testing Requirements

Passing Scores Provided to UNM before beginning the Final Semester of Full Time Student Teaching

PRAXIS Basic Skills: Reading (5713), Writing (5723), and Mathematics (5733)—OR All 3 Tests Combined (5752)


PRAXIS Secondary Content Knowledge: English Language Arts (5038), Social Science (5081), Mathematics (5161), General Science (5435), French: World Languages (5174), German: World Languages (5183), OR Spanish: World Languages (5195)

To Register for Tests or for More Information Visit


Information on the PRAXIS Fee Waiver:

Test Preparation Support

Please visit: 

Meet the Team

Dr. Ellen Bernstein

Dr. Ellen Bernstein


President: Albuquerque Teachers Federation

Ms. Melanie Blea

Ms. Melanie Blea


Principal, Rudolfo Anaya Elementary School

Dr. Jenn Gutierrez

Dr. Jenn Gutierrez


Embedded Faculty
Seminar Instructor & Field Supervisor

Dr. Valerie Hoose

Valerie Hoose


Executive Director: Employee Relations

Mr. Stanley Keith


Human Resources

Dr. Marjori Krebs

Dr. Marjori Krebs


ATRP Coordinator

Ms. Louise Sanchez


Certified Staffing Manager

Dr. Cheryl Torrez

Dr. Cheryl Torrez


Department Chair: Teacher Education, Educational Leadership & Policy

Ms. Lindsay Wilwol


Community Schools Manager

Professional Licensure Disclosure

Our program has determined it meets professional licensure requirements in the state of New Mexico. It has not determined it meets professional licensure requirements in any other state.