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Overview of combined MA/PhD Program in Educational Psychology

Students can apply to a degree combined that combines the master’s and doctoral degrees. The combined MA/PhD program is research intensive, with anticipation that students will work closely with an advisor on research. Students should expect research involvement and appropriate authorship throughout their graduate training. The combined MA/PhD training follows an apprenticeship model where students learn the process of conducting research through collaboration with their advisor and affiliated researchers in a productive research environment.

Given the research demands of the program, we strongly encourage MA/PhD applicants to enroll as full-time students. To encourage full-time study, we will typically offer support in the form of teaching assistantships or graduate assistantships for the 4-5 years that it will take to complete the PhD. Assistantships include tuition remission, health benefits, and a stipend.

The Ph.D. in Educational Psychology at University of New Mexico requires a minimum of 90 credit hours. The combined MA/PhD program follows all PhD program requirements. Students in the combined program would typically be expected to take the options for a written master’s thesis and comprehensive paper.

Applicants should indicate that they are applying for the combined MA/PhD program in their letter of interest. We encourage applicants to also indicate which faculty member(s) may have potentially similar research foci. Students who apply by December 1st can expect to receive notice of admission for the following fall semester by February 14th.