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Alumni of the Educational Psychology Program

Renée Delgado-Riley

Degree earned through UNM EDPY program: Ph.D.
Director, Assessment and Research, Division of Student Life, University of Oregon

“I currently am the director for the Office of Assessment and Research within the Division of Student Life (DSL) at the University of Oregon. I facilitate and oversee providing information and evidence demonstrating our Division’s collective impact on and value added to student experiences, learning, and development while enrolled at the University of Oregon. We also provide resources, strategies, and tools to implement successful assessment and research projects at the program, unit, and division levels. My time within the EDPY program provided me a strong foundation in action research and assessment methods that are directly related to my current role. The foci on both quantitative and qualitative methodologies have guided my entire philosophy on using mixed methods in my approach to assessment and research of best practices to support college students on our campus.”

Marlene Ballejos

Degree earned through the UNM EDPY program: Ph.D.  
Assistant Dean for Admissions, University of NewMexico School of Medicine
Assistant Professor, Department of Family & Community Medicine

 “I received my PhD from the UNM Educational Psychology Program in 2010. As an educational psychologist, I am interested in the social and cognitive learning processes and underpinnings as they relate to educational and health care disparities and have devoted my entire career toward achieving excellence in education as it relates to medical school recruitment, selection, admissions and the educational curriculum. The Individual, Family and Community Education Department has provided me with the tools to pursue these interests and strive toward a broader goal of educational leadership, curriculum development and professional development in education. My educational philosophy stems from my strong desire to provide a culturally responsive and active learning pedagogy that provides inclusion for all types of learners.” 

Ashlee Begaye

Degree earned through UNM EDPY program: Masters of Arts
Health Educator at University of New Mexico Prevention Research Center

“As a health educator, I am able to use my Educational Psychology degree to help create effective programs to change the health behavior in children and teenagers. We study what motivates people to make changes in their diet and activity, focusing on several factors, including self-efficacy, interest, mindset, and choice. We work closely with teachers to incorporate our program into the classroom, as well as finding methods of increasing family participation.” 

Kira J. Carbonneau

Degree earned through the UNM EDPY program: Ph.D.  
Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology, Washington State University

“The EDPY program helped me develop a strong research foundation that has allowed me to utilize my applied knowledge of teaching to develop a robust research agenda that is pertinent to today’s classrooms.”


Sara Abercrombie

Degrees earned through the UNM EDPY program: M.A., Ph.D. 
Associate Professor of Educational Psychology, College of Education, Northern Arizona University

“The Educational Psychology program at the University of New Mexico fully prepared me to work in my current academic position. I had wonderful mentorship from the supportive faculty, many opportunities to work on meaningful research projects, and excellent coursework.” 

Robert C. Hoy

Degrees earned through UNM EDPY program: M.A. and Ph.D. 
Data Science Lead for Behavioral Science at Northrop Grumman Learning and Communications.

“I specialize in human performance and training development. Every aspect of my time in Ed Psych program contributed to my personal and professional development.  The course work was current and applicable to the field in which I work.  Specifically, the emphasis on both theory and application fits what I do now - a combination of psychological research and application of learning psychology. Perhaps most importantly however, my time in the Ed Psych program encouraged me to collaborate and work with diverse people and gain experience in departments all over campus.  That experience prepared me to lead teams of professionals with very different backgrounds and areas of expertise to develop training in advanced simulations and Virtual / Augmented Reality.”

Rebecca Izzo-Manymules

Degree earned through UNM EDPY program: Ph.D.
Education Research Analyst, United States Department of Interior, Bureau of Indian Education, Accountability & Assessment Office

“The educational psychology program has prepared me to incorporate methods of data collection, survey development, and data reporting.  My areas of responsibility are creating assessment data gathering methods, and data analysis of assessment data of Bureau funded schools across the United States. Data management is a crucial area within the organization due to the large amount of reporting to the US Department of Education.  With this, I serve as a lead in gathering assessment data and meeting reporting requirements with the US Department of Education.  I serve as a lead of one of many milestones in the bureau’s strategic plan, which encompasses development of data collection and reporting, establish data reporting calendars, providing regular communication and information to schools, parents and community members about the bureau’s established data systems. Once, the processes of data collection, data management, and reporting have been defined and established; I plan to move unto incorporating the research aspect into my work.  I plan to continue to serve in a capacity to provide research methods for the betterment of services of American Indian populations.”

Cara Farnell 

Degree earned through UNM EDPY program: Master of Arts
Program Manager, Center for Writing, Learning, and Teaching, University of Puget Sound.

“I use what I learned at UNM to inform choices every day about how to best tutor and support our students here. I studied the testing effect and reference that quite a bit, and I teach a course called Strategies for College Reading that covers topics like metacognition and motivation. We do academic consulting here that leans heavily on knowing the best and varied ways to study and learn.”

Frank Volpe

Degree earned through UNM EDPY program: Ph.D.
Upper School Principal of Shanghai Community International School

“I use the skills I learned through the Ed Psych program every day.  As a principal in a highly competitive international school, I rely on current learning science to inform my decisions regarding curriculum, instruction, and assessment.  My background in Ed Psych also gives me the credibility I need to lead highly experience educators in professional development.  Finally, the data and statistical analysis skills I gained through this program have helped me make informed decisions and effectively persuade others.  I couldn’t image a better preparation for what I’m doing now.”

Veronica Lane

Degrees earned through UNM EDPY program (and in progress): M.A.; Ph.D. Candidate
Education Research Analyst, United States Department of Interior, Bureau of Indian Education, Accountability & Assessment Office

“I utilize the knowledge and skills I developed through the EDPY program on a daily basis in my current job.  Measurement, evaluation, research design and analysis, human growth and development, and motivation are specific content areas that are in high demand in my field.  The work I do ranges from leading and assisting on projects that have implications for educational policy and initiatives on a national level to providing individualized technical assistance and support to improve service delivery and instruction at the school level.  My favorite aspect of my job is to be able to support tribal sovereignty in education and work to improve the educational experiences and opportunities of native students across the country.”  

Tara S. Hackel

Degree earned through UNM EDPY program: Master of Arts 
Program Specialist, University of New Mexico STEM Collaborative Center

“I use knowledge from educational psychology about how people learn, how to facilitate students’ motivation for school, and instructional strategies to design curriculum and programs for undergraduate students. I structure these programs and courses to help students learn content knowledge, such as how to develop a research question, as well as promote students’ self-regulation of pursuing educational, career, and personal goals.” 

Dana Booker

Degree earned through UNM EDPY program: Master of Arts
PhD Educational Psychology, University of North Texas
Director of Research @ non-profit org TexProtects-TX Chapter of Prevention Child abuse America

“Currently, work to support the research and data collection that supports legislative priorities to reduce child maltreatment in TX. Our research and advocacy efforts focus on improving prevention services to families with multiple risk factors through Home visiting programs and improve policies for youth who enter CPS (policies including safe placements, educational opportunities and transitional resources)” 

Tenley Ruth

Degrees earned through UNM EDPY program: MA., Ph.D.
Director of Program Evaluation and Research, Dual Language Education of New Mexico

“The educational psychology program provided numerous opportunities throughout my masters and doctoral studies to participate in program evaluation projects, research in my areas of interest in New Mexico, across multiple U.S. university sites, in El Salvador and in Nicaragua.  I also did research in education policy at the state level, and consulted on research design/methodology for the COE. Educational Psychology faculty supported me in all these efforts. To hone my qualitative research design and analysis skills, I took classes and worked on research in other departments in the College of Education as well - with support from our program faculty. From the time I began the doctoral program, I began teaching and I continue to enjoy teaching in our program each semester.” 

Alfred Valdez

Degree earned through the UNM EDPY program: Ph.D.  
Interim Department Head – Communication Disorders Department, College of Education, New Mexico State University

“I gained a great deal from this program.  I had the invaluable guidance of Dr. Moreno who mentored me as a scientist. Dr. Parks and Dr. Stevens provided me with an excellent background in measurement and quantitative research methods.  Dr. Armstrong completed my training as a scientist by providing me with the tools needed to investigate questions of science using qualitative methods.  I feel fortunate that I had found the perfect program to support my career goal to become an academic.”  

Tyler Weldon

Degree earned through the UNM EDPY program: Ph.D.  
Assistant Professor University of Central Oklahoma 
M.Ed. Secondary Education Program Coordinator

My degree from the EDPY program at UNM is directly relevant to my everyday work. The knowledge and skills I acquired are key to my successful teaching, service, and scholarly and creative works.

Vanessa Harris

Degree earned through UNM EDPY program: Ph.D.
Owner of Major Change, LLC

“My degree in educational psychology has provided me with the essential skills to work in the area of student learning, motivation, cognitive development, and assessment.  Developmental and motivational theories are the foundation for my business.  I have been very fortunate to incorporate various aspects of cognition, motivation and assessment in my workshops and training to higher education administrators and students.”

Carrie Booth

Degree earned through UNM EDPY program: Master of Arts
Technical & Data Management Specialist in the Clinical Education department at Presbyterian Healthcare Services

“The work I did in the Ed Psych program helps me get perspective on the analytical problems I have to solve in my current position. It also helps me develop and adapt curriculum for nurses. My background in statistics I gained through this program has led to my getting hired as a data analyst and database manager.”

Holly Meyer

Degree earned through UNM EDPY program: Master of Arts
Professional Development Coordinator & Staff Support Ombudsman for Greater Albuquerque Association of REALTORS; owner/operator of Work Well Strategies

“My degree in EDPY allowed me to serve in the United States Peace Corps as a Teacher Trainer and Program Developer.  I worked closely with the Ministry of Education in Cape Verde, West Africa in developing the country’s higher education goals. I developed a research methodology program during my service; introducing graduate students to Qualitative, Quantitative and Mixed Methods research skills to be used in generating their thesis on topics related to developing English Language pedagogy and andragogy. Their research was instrumental in the founding of the University of Cape Verde, and the development of their English Language teaching department. I currently work in the private sector in education and have been a mediator for 5 years, currently serving as Treasurer for the New Mexico Mediation Association and owner/operator of a mediation service: Work Well Strategies.”

Liah Nasution  

Degree earned through UNM EDPY program: Master of Arts
English Language Program Coordinator, The State Institute for Islamic Studies (IAIN) Padangsidimpuan, Indonesia. 

“I am Liah Rosdiani Nasution from Indonesia. One of my responsibilities in my current position is to design program(s) that can help students to develop their skills in English such as speaking, writing, listening and reading.I started my program at IFCE Department in UNM with concentration on Educational Psychology in 2015 and completed it in 2017. Taking this program has helped me a lot in my current position as a university instructor and a researcher. The program courses, for example, prepared me with concentration-specific knowledge to work and grow academically and professionally with colleagues and students.  In addition, the experiences that I got from working with faculty members and classmates have been very significant to my social and career development. Thus, I think it is fair to say that Educational Psychology program has been of huge help in my current role now."

Michelle I. Osowski

Degree earned through the UNM EDPY program: Ph.D.  

"The EDPY program provided essential knowledge in theory and methods that have allowed me to work independently on projects of personal and professional interest.  Most recently, I collaborated with a team from the RAND Corporation, and the work has been exciting."

Marlin Arriaga

Degree earned through UNM EDPY program: Master of Arts
Student headed to medical school

My time in the EDPY program helped me greatly to understand and be engaged in research. Not only reading, but actually understanding and being able to carry out your own projects is a skill that is well suited for different careers. My interests have also become more clear and I am in the path to link what I have learned from this program and apply it to my future endeavors in the Psychiatry department. Primarily, how anxiety disorder in children affects learning.