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Counselor Education Resources

Supervision Training

To support the important work of our site supervisors, the Counselor Education Program provides two free one-hour trainings to be independently completed. Each training is worth one supervision CEU toward the state required three supervision CEUs per licensing cycle.

To complete the trainings, watch one or both of the provided trainings. The trainings are “ppsx” files that you can play using PowerPoint software. If you do not have the full PowerPoint program, you may download the player for free either to your computer or as an app on your mobile device. Be sure to have your audio on; the files should move from slide to slide automatically playing the corresponding audio.

To receive a CEU certificate for one or both trainings, download the appropriate CEU application. Email your request with the completed application form attached to Counselor Education faculty member Erica Merrill at It will be reviewed and, if complete, you will receive the certificate(s).

Thank you for the critical role you play in providing field training for our MA student interns!

Professional Associations and Organizations

Accrediting Agencies and Licensing Boards