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Faculty and Staff

Our Faculty

Our faculty members exhibit professionalism, passion and a commitment to education. But their unparalleled dedication goes beyond teaching and research. It extends to the community where they contribute to the intellectual and cultural life in New Mexico by sharing their talents and time.

The outreach and advocacy they provide is especially critical given their expertise in high need areas and the educational challenges that the state faces. You’ll find our faculty running professional development seminars for teachers, hosting summer institutes on campus, acting as resources for local schools and serving on local, state and national committees in their fields of expertise. Students aren’t sidelined either—they are always encouraged to participate in outreach efforts, academic and non-academic settings, creativity, language learning, language retention, bilingualism, literacy—and then use what they learn to shape educational policy.

Special Education Department Faculty by Program

  • Ruth Luckasson (Distinguished Professor, Special Education; Chair, Special Education Department)

Special Education Program Faculty

  • Jessica Apgar (Visiting Lecturer III)
  • Margaret Collier (Associate Professor)
  • Susan Copeland (Professor)
  • Erin Jarry (Senior Lecturer III)
  • Hart Lewis (Lecturer III)
  • Ruth Luckasson (Distinguished Professor)
  • Megan Martins (Lecturer III)
  • Veronica Moore (Lecturer III)
  • Allison Nannemann (Assistant Professor)
  • Tiffany Otero (Assistant Professor)
  • Yen Pham (Associate Professor)
  • Cathy (Huaquing) Qi (Professor)
  • Julia Scherba de Valenzuela (Associate Professor)
  • Loretta Serna (Professor)
  • Sunaina Shenoy (Assistant Professor) 
  • Clare Stott (Lecturer III)


Audrea N. Winslow
Department Administrator
Hokona-Zuni, Room 106

Audrea oversees the daily administrative functions of the department office and supervises the staff. She assists with development and management of the operating budget. She manages faculty, part-time instructor, and teaching assistant contracts. She serves as department liaison to central offices of the college and university.

Suzie McCalmant-Garcia
Special Education Graduate Programs Coordinator

Suzie assists students, departmental staff, and faculty of university application process, comprehensive exam applications, graduation requirements and policies and responds to inquiries, researches and resolves problems. She also provides academic consulting services to current students, former students, potential students, faculty, and staff.