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What is SEGSO?

SEGSO is a student-run organization dedicated to the promotion of professional integrity and commitment to improving the quality of life of persons who have disabilities. The goals of SEGSO include both professional development of the members and service to the University and community. Activities include research presentations on topics relevant to special education, funding for conference travel, and student/faculty social events. Students in the UNM Special Education Graduate Program and student who have designated Special Education as their minor are encouraged to participate. There are no membership dues.

Welcome from the President

Greetings Special Education Graduate Student:

Are you ready to begin or continue your journey as a graduate student in special education? If you answered no, maybe you should get more involved in your graduate student organization.

The Special Education Graduate Student Organization (SEGSO) extends an invitation to you to become involved in the commitment to creating a university community that provides leadership and support to graduate students in special education. The graduate student association fee you pay every semester allows your membership to SEGSO. As a member, you will:

  • Develop valuable relationships with colleagues,
  • Share resources, analysis, and information on national and international research efforts;
  • Assist in selecting events and issues in which the SEGSO takes a leading role in coordinating joint advocacy.

SEGSO is immensely proud of all graduate students in special education who collectively represent a wide range of diversity in terms of cultural experiences, educational backgrounds, professional accomplishments, and career goals. To those who are just entering the profession, and to those who are veteran educators, we wish great success at UNM, as well as a satisfying and rewarding career in Special Education. We look forward to an exciting start of the year and a productive organization.

"The more we act together, the stronger our voices!"

I look forward to meeting each of you.

Joshua Merrill, SEGSO President

For additional information, please contact SEGSO faculty advisor: 
Margo Collier, PhD
Associate Professor
Educational Diagnostician Program Coordinator
Department of Special Education

Supporting Graduate Students in Special Education

SEGSO By-laws

SEGSO Travel Grant Information

SEGSO Travel Grant Application