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Required Coursework

Special Education foundation courses required (can be taken during the program):

  • SPCD 510 Special Education Law
  • SPCD 517 or SPCD 527 Assessment for Students with Disabilities
  • SPCD 518 Positive Behavior Support or SPCD 519 Intro to Applied Behavior Analysis

Coursework: Educational Diagnostician Preparation Program (EDPP) Offerings

  • SPCD 564L: Introduction to Assessment for Eligibility for Special Education Supports (3 credit hours)
  • SPCD 560/559: Introduction to Bilingual-Multicultural Special Education (3)
  • SPCD 561L: Diagnostic Assessment of Young Children (3)
  • SPCD 563L: Multidisciplinary Collaboration for Diagnostic Assessment (3)
  • SPCD 566L: Differential Diagnosis I (3)* Reading requirement must be met**
  • SPCD 567L: Differential Diagnosis II (3)*
  • SPCD 568L: Diagnosis of Multicultural Exceptional Children (3)*
  • SPCD 569L: Clinical Internship in Educational Diagnosis (6)

Courses marked with * have an Advanced Application of Skills (SPCD 596L) associated with them and are offered. These 1 credit hour classes are typically held on Saturdays and will be announced prior to the start of these classes.

Successful completion of this program includes the completion of a 300-hour internship.

** Details can be obtained from EDAG coordinator-Margo Collier