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Secondary Education Undergraduate Programs

Our UNM College of Education & Human Sciences (COEHS) program strives to prepare teachers to meet the diverse needs of New Mexico children. We celebrate the rich cultures of New Mexico and have designed our curriculum to reflect their unique needs. The secondary Education student teaching program is an apprenticeship that straddles two places to learn; a working classroom and the university. Our goal is to weave together the learning that occurs at both locations. Instruction at the university complements the learning that occurs in the field under the guidance of an experienced Cooperating Teacher.

Secondary Education Program Overview

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Education (B.S.Ed.), Bachelor of Arts in Education (B.A.Ed.)

Major: Secondary Education
Program Code:  BSED-SED, BAED-SED-ED

The Bachelor's degree in Secondary Education with Licensure Program is typically a 2-semester program, taken in sequence, with coursework and field experience (working with a cooperating teacher in a secondary education classroom) in both semesters.

To be a teacher at the Secondary level, a student must be a content area expert in one of the following content areas:

  • English/Language Arts
  • Mathematics,
  • Science,
  • Global Languages,
  • Social Studies, or
  • Bilingual Education.

As required by the State of New Mexico, a student is required to have 24 credit hours in one of the above subject areas, with 12 of those hours taken at the upper division (300-400 level or above).

Required Pre-Service and Student Teaching Semesters must be taken in sequence.

During the Pre-Service semester (Fall), students typically enroll in the following courses:

  1. EDUC *438: Teaching Reading & and Writing in the Content Field (3 undergraduate credits)
  2. Program Requirements for Secondary Education EDUC 450: Issues in Secondary Education (3 undergraduate credits)
  3. SPCD 489: Collaboration for Inclusive Education (3 graduate credits) or SPCD 507: Collaboration for Inclusive Education (3 undergraduate credits)
  4. Content Area Methods Course: This course depends on the content area in which the student will be teaching (3 undergraduate credits). Refer to Program Requirements for Secondary Education Concentrations to the left)
  5. EDUC 362: Teaching Experience I (3 undergraduate credits)—This course includes a seminar and a minimum of 10 hours per week in a classroom with a cooperating teacher.

During the Student Teaching (Spring) Semester, students typically enroll in the following course:

  1. EDUC 464: Seminar in Student Teaching (3 undergraduate credits)
  2. EDUC 462: Student Teaching (3 to 9 undergraduate credits) This course includes a monthly seminar and 5 full days per week in a classroom with a cooperating teacher.

NMPED Licensure

  • Students are required to pass several state-required tests in order to obtain licensure. Please visit for more information on these required tests or NMPED
  • Once a student has completed the coursework and field experience requirements, and has passed all the state required licensure tests, the student is eligible to apply for a New Mexico Level 1 Teaching License in Secondary Education (Grades 7-12).

How do I begin?

Whether you’re a current UNM student seeking to apply to the program, or just starting from square one, you are encouraged to connect with our COEHS Advisement Team via the buttons below. They will happily schedule a meeting with you to go over any questions you may have! Please also take a moment to review the Application & Requirements page which may answer some of your initial questions about applying to the program.

Should you want to connect with our TEELP Department directly about program-specific questions, please email us at

Application Deadlines Fall and Spring Semesters

  • For best consideration February 1
  • Applications will continue to be reviewed

Seeking initial UNM admission?

If you are seeking initial admission to the UNM Main Campus as a first-time student, or as a transfer student, you must:

  • Begin by applying to the University via the UNM Admissions Office and you will be placed as a “Pre-Admitted Secondary Education” student in the system. This does not prevent you from taking courses that will apply to the Secondary Education Program, and you will still receive semesterly advisement from COEHS Advisors.
  • Once the Secondary Education application requirements are met, you will complete a separate application specifically to COEHS for the Secondary Education Program via the TK20 system as outlined below.


Already a UNM Student and meet all Secondary Education Requirements?

If you are already an admitted UNM Main Campus student and meet all Secondary Education application requirements you should:

  • Apply directly to COEHS via the TK20 system as outlined below.


How to Apply

  1. Click this link to access the TK20 Application System and log in with your UNM Net Id and Password.
  2. Complete the TK20 application,
    • Designate intended major and minor
    • Identify the status of your completion of NM Praxis tests
  3. Submit and await review. Once a decision has been made, the application will be processed and updated to “Admitted” or “Denied.” If admitted, a letter of acceptance will be sent to you with steps to begin the process of working with Field Services and to prepare for Student Teaching. (Which will then include Completing a Background Check, Fingerprints, Liability Insurance, etc., and registering in the Student Teaching portal).
  4. Your information will then be updated in LoboWeb for the semester of your acceptance, and you will continue to meet with COEHS Advisors as you complete the program.
  5. Overrides will be provided as you enter your Professional Semester Coursework.

Should you have any questions regarding your readiness to apply to the program you are encouraged and welcomed to email our COEHS Advisement Team at and they will be able to further assist you.

Leading New Mexico in Educator Preparation and Research

The overall mission and purpose of our work within the Teacher Education, Educational Leadership & Policy Department is to prepare and support teachers, teacher educators and teacher leaders who support the children and families of New Mexico. Read more about our Mission and Core Values.

Professional Licensure Disclosure

Our program has determined it meets professional licensure requirements in the state of New Mexico. It has not determined it meets professional licensure requirements in any other state.