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New Mexico Licensure

The College of Education & Human Sciences is a leader in teacher preparation programs for the state of New Mexico. Our academic programs help aspiring teachers learn instructional techniques, strategies, and assessments that are appropriate for all students in each of the content areas taught in elementary school classrooms or in the content area of your choice in secondary school classrooms. In addition to undergraduate degrees with standard licensure, we also offer graduate students alternative licensure through the MA program.

Prospective and current College of Education & Human Sciences students interested in becoming highly qualified licensed teachers will find valuable information below as well as additional licensure information by following the licensure and endorsement links.


The New Mexico Public Education Department (PED) Professional Licensure Bureau is responsible for determining the qualifications for and issuing licenses to teachers, administrators, and other instructional personnel in the state. The College of Education prepares students for licensure as an elementary teacher (Grades K-8) or secondary teacher (Grades 7-12).

NM 3-Tiered Licensure

General information

New Mexico instituted the 3-Tiered Licensure System to provide a framework for teacher improvement. The program is a progressive career system that requires teachers to demonstrate increased competencies and to assume added responsibilities as they progress through the system.

The 3-Tiered Licensure System has three levels of licensure:

  • Level I is a provisional license issued to new teachers for three to five years.
  • Level II is a professional license issued for a nine-year period.
  • Level III is a master teacher licensure issued for a nine-year period.

In order to advance from level I to level II and level II to level III, teachers must demonstrate how they are meeting the increased competencies for the next level by submitting a Professional Development Dossier (PDD) to the Public Education Department.

Teachers must move from a Level I to Level II license within five years, or they will lose their license to teach in the state of New Mexico. Though not required, it is encouraged that you go on from level II to level III by completing the next step of the PDD. Additionally, you must have a master's degree to reach the highest ranks of 3-tier licensure in New Mexico.

  • NM 3-Tiered Licensure
  • NM Professional Development Dossier for teachers (PDD)
  • NM Professional Development Dossier for administrators (PDD)