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Exercise Science Program

The UNM Exercise Science program provides students with the experiential and ethical foundation in the study of human physiology and movement necessary to succeed in their choice of career, professional field of study, and advanced academic work.

Undergraduate and Master’s students are prepared for continued education in Physical Therapy, Athletic Training, Sports Administration, Occupational Therapy, Clinical Medicine, and nursing, as well as to function professionally as exercise physiologists/scientists in health/fitness facilities, personal training clubs, cardiac rehabilitation centers, and corporate health promotion programs.

The PhD program prepares exercise science researchers, professors, and preventative and/or rehabilitative program directors. PhD students are mentored and encouraged to engage in grantsmanship, college teaching and service activities during their time here.

a male student riding an exercise bike while a female student checks vital signs

Exercise Science B.S.

Develop your knowledge and skills to understand how exercise and physical activity influence health, fitness, sport performance and disease prevention.

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male instructor describing how to use equipment to a female student

Physical Education M.S. Concentration in Exercise Science

Further advance your knowledge of the effects of exercise and physical activity on the body and gain experience in research and laboratory skills.

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photo of a female student using a fluid sampling device

Physical Education, Sports and Exercise Science (Ph.D.) Concentration: Exercise Science

Develop your research and teaching skills to prepare you for a career in academia, health care, clinical research or research in the private sector.

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