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Physical Education M.S. Concentration in Exercise Science

The Master of Science in Physical Education (M.S.) with a Concentration in Exercise Science advances your knowledge of the effects of exercise and physical activity on the body; you will also gain experience in research and with laboratory skills. The program provides the opportunity to further understand how exercise promotes good health, prevents disease, and enhances performance. This degree prepares graduates for a wide range of career opportunities in health/fitness, sports, strength and conditioning, clinical and research settings.

What can you do with a M.S. degree in Physical Education with a concentration in Exercise Science?

  • Command a higher salary when entering the allied health and fitness/wellness job markets.  
  • Teach at the 4-year college and community college level 
  • Join a research team 

You should also know...

  • We have an MS-to-PhD option for qualified students
  • Students are encouraged to assist on faculty/doctoral research projects
instructor using a syringe

Program and Application Information

As a graduate student in this M.S. program, you can choose between two tracks within your program of study:

  • Non-Thesis Track (35 credit hours)
  • Thesis Track (35 credit hours)

The criteria for admission to the M.S. in Physical Education with a Concentration in Exercise Science program includes the following:

  • UNM Graduate School Application.
  • Letter of Intent.
  • Official transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate level coursework.
  • Satisfactory grades (C or better) in all prerequisite undergraduate coursework.
  • Three letters of recommendation.
  • Current professional resume or vita.

Office of Graduate Studies

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