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Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education, Ed.D., Ph.D.

Degree Program: K–20
Degree: Ed.D./Ph.D. in Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education
Program Code:  EDD-TLTE, PHD-TLTE

Department: Teacher Education, Educational Leadership & Policy
Program: K–20


  • Ph.D. in Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education
  • Ed.D. in Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education
  • Education Specialist Certificate in Curriculum and Instruction

Ph.D. and Ed.D. in Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education

The Ph.D. and the Ed.D. in Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education are offered in the Department of Teacher Education, Educational Leadership and Policy. These degrees provide for the study of teacher education, research, teaching, and learning in ethnically, culturally, and linguistically diverse settings. Both the Ph.D. and Ed.D. require a core of Foundational Studies, Curriculum Theory, Pedagogy in Teacher Education, Technology and Teacher Education and Multicultural Education/Social Justice.

Application Instructions

Educational BackgroundRequired. Minimum requirements for application to the program:
Minimum GPA 3.0. Must have a Master’s degree in education or related field.
Program of InterestSelect: College of Education > Teacher Education/Educational Leadership and Policy > Teaching/Learning/Teacher Education > EdD or PhD
Test ScoresInclude a copy of GRE Scores with application materials.
Letter of IntentDescribe why you are applying for this doctoral degree and discuss in detail the goals of your professional future. Describe how a doctoral degree in Teaching, Learning, & Teacher Education will contribute to your learning. Indicate previous degree(s) and professional experience, a thorough description of your teaching or working in educational settings.
Writing SampleAn academic writing sample is required.
CV/ResumePrepare a detailed résumé/curriculum vitae that provides faculty with information about your professional goals, educational achievements, details and dates of teaching experience, and community and extra-curricular experience. We encourage students to seek guidance in producing a well-written résumé/curriculum vitae.
Special RequirementsBefore applying, set up a meeting with a faculty member in Teacher Education whose interests are similar to your own.
RecommendationsThree required. Enter recommenders name and email into system. Once the recommender responds to the email, the form and letter will automatically be uploaded into student’s application file.