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Athletic Training Program Admission

Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree completed by program start date
  • ≥3.0 GPA on the last 60 graded core courses taken
  • Grade of “C” or better in all prerequisite courses, completed within the past 10 years
  • Resume
  • Personal statement and supplemental questions located on ATCAS.
  • 50 observation hours completed with at least 1 Board of Certification (BOC) Certified Athletic Trainer
    • Hours should be documented and signed by the supervising athletic trainer in a form or letter
  •  3 letters of recommendation
    • At least 1 from a BOC Certified Athletic Trainer
    • At least 1 from a faculty member attesting to your academic abilities
    • 3rd reference must be from a professional source who can speak on behalf of your character (e.g. employer, faculty member, Athletic Trainer, etc.)
  • Acknowledgment that you have reviewed program requirements and will abide by the guidelines included (including technical standards, immunization requirements, etc.)
  • TOEFL scores or CELAC option (international applicants only).

Application Procedures

  • Applications open in early Fall each year, with a priority admissions deadline of December 1st followed by rolling admissions until April 15th or when the cohort is full, whichever is earlier.
  • Qualified applicants will be invited for a videoconference interview.
  • Students should apply to the program through ATCAS at Do not submit an application to UNM’s Graduate School until instructed to do so by the program.
  • ATCAS has a fee waiver program. To apply, start your application in ATCAS and click “fee assistance program” in your application. ATCAS recommends that you start this process early, as limited waivers are available.

Prerequisite Coursework

  • Prospective students can complete any bachelor’s degree program as long as they complete the required prerequisite courses.
  • If you are interested in pursuing the MSAT program, we recommend completing the undergraduate Exercise Science degree at UNM because it includes all pre-requisite courses. More information about the B.S. in Exercise Science can be found here.
  • Other degree programs at UNM that help prepare students include Emergency Medical Sciences and Nutrition & Dietetics.

Required Prerequisite Course

(1 semester each)

UNM Equivalent Course


BIOL 1140: Biology for Health Sciences

BIOL 1140L: Biology for Health Sciences Laboratory


CHEM 1215: General Chemistry I for STEM Majors

CHEM 1215L: General Chemistry I for STEM Majors Laboratory


MATH 1350: Introduction to Statistics


PHYS 1115: Survey of Physics

or PHYS 1230: Algebra-Based Physics I

Human Nutrition

NUTR 2110: Human Nutrition


PSYC 1110: Introduction to Psychology

Human Anatomy & Physiology with Lab (two semesters required)*

BIOL 2210: Human Anatomy and Physiology I

BIOL 2210L: Human Anatomy and Physiology I Laboratory

BIOL 2225: Human Anatomy and Physiology II

BIOL 2225L: Human Anatomy and Physiology II Laboratory

Biomechanics or Kinesiology

PRPE 2165: Kinesiology

Exercise Physiology with Lab

PEP 326L: Fundamentals of Exercise Physiology

*If anatomy/physiology are completed separately, a minimum of 1 semester of anatomy with lab and 1 semester of physiology with lab are required to meet these prerequisites.