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HESS Faculty and Staff

HESS Faculty

Athletic Training

  • Sara Nottingham (Associate Professor)
  • Kevin Schroeder (Lecturer III)
  • Dice Shibata (Associate Professor)

Exercise Science

  • Fabiano Amorim (Associate Professor)
  • Michael Deyhle (Assistant Professor)
  • Ann Gibson (Professor)
  • Leonard Kravitz (Professor)
  • Christine Mermier (Professor, Lab Director)

Health Education

  • Lorenda Belone (Associate Professor)
  • Christina Perry (Associate Professor)
  • Shixi Zhao (Assistant Professor)
  • Angelica Boyle (Visiting Lecturer II)
  • Suzanne Williams (Visiting Lecturer III)
  • Magdalena Avila, Emeritus Faculty
  • Eli Duryea, Emeritus Faculty
  • Ivy Cervantes (Adjunct)
  • Meghann Dallin (Adjunct)
  • Jennifer Escajeda (Adjunct)
  • Meghan Merchant (Adjunct)
  • Veronica Plaza (Adjunct)

Physical Education Teacher Education

  • Karen Gaudreault (Associate Professor)
  • Glenn Hushman (Associate Professor, Department Chair)
  • Ashley Phelps (Visiting Assistant Professor)

Sports Administration

  • John Barnes (Professor)
  • Ed Horne (Assistant Professor)
  • Luke Mao (Associate Professor)
  • Todd Seidler (Professor)

HESS Program Coordinators

Athletic Training

Dr. Sara Nottingham

Exercise Science (Undergraduate Program)

Dr. Leonard Kravitz

Exercise Science (Graduate Programs)

Dr. Ann Gibson

Health Education

Dr. Lorenda Belone (Graduate Program)

Dr. Shix Zhao (Undergraduate Program)

Physical Education Teacher Education

Dr. Karen Gaudreault

Sports Administration

John Barnes

Physical Education Non-Professional Program

Suzanne Williams (Interim Director PENP & Visiting Lecturer III)

HESS Staff

Lorena Rodriguez Vazquez
HESS Department Administrator


Lorena oversees the daily administrative functions of the department office. She serves as department liaison to central offices of the college and university.

Tina Felix
Coordinator, Education Support
Johnson Center 1150

Tina provides administrative support to the HESS Department and serves as the first contact person for all HESS PhD and MS graduate programs, as well as Exercise Science undergraduate programs. She receives all inquiries from potential graduate students and provides administrative support to all graduate students and faculty. She also provides financial administrative duties for the department. She is the support person for events and event planning, and Tina is the Zoom point person for the department.

Samantha Taylor
Coordinator, Education Support
Johnson Center 1150

Samantha is the first point of contact for faculty support in the following programs: Sport Administration, Health Education, Physical Education Teacher Education and Athletic Training, including reimbursements, travel, and purchasing. She is the point person for events and event planning and also the backup support for HESS Academic/Graduate Functions and scheduling rooms.

Nicole Chauvet
Program Coordinator: Exercise Physiology Lab
Johnson Center, B143

Nicole is the coordinator for the Exercise Physiology Lab. She schedules Community Testing Services for both the UNM community and the general public. She is the point person for Exercise Science faculty and academic support including reimbursements, travel and purchasing.