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Athletic Training Program Tuition and Fees

Estimated Cost of Attendance

  • Prospective students can estimate cost of attendance based on current tuition & fee rates found on the bursar’s website at
  • Athletic training students will also pay a curriculum fee of $75/credit hour. This includes attire, National Athletic Trainers’ Association membership fees, lab equipment, access to simulation and standardized patients, and annual CPR recertification fees, among other benefits.
  • In addition to the required tuition and fees, students should expect to pay for books, transportation to clinical sites, background checks and liability insurance (~$75/year), and any additional professional attire they would like beyond what is provided by the program.
  • UNM’s program is a part of the Western Regional Graduate Program, where you will automatically pay resident tuition if you are a resident of one of 16 WICHE member states and territories: California, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Washington, Oregon, North Dakota, South Dakota, Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, and New Mexico. This is automatic and requires no additional application.
  • Athletic Training students are eligible for program-specific and general scholarships provided through the College of Education and Human Sciences.