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The College of Education on iTunes U

iTunes U provides access to more than 200,000 educational audio and video lectures, language lessons, audiobooks, and podcasts—all available free from the iTunes Store.

Please click on the links below to launch the College of Education video collections on iTunes U. There will be a link next to each video title that will enable you to view the full video in iTunes. If you do not currently have iTunes installed on your computer, clicking on this link will bring you to the iTunes download page. 

College of Education iTunes U Collections

College of Education

COE on iTunes UThe UNM College of Education does much more than educate teachers, counselors, and researchers. We inspire each student to lead, to celebrate diversity, and to make a lasting difference in the world. As New Mexico’s flagship college of education, we deliver high-quality instruction, diverse course offerings, active research programs, and challenging professional development opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students. Our stellar and highly diverse faculty leads dynamic classes, while conducting innovative research on today’s educational challenges. We excel in multicultural education, which is critical because of our nation’s growing cultural diversity. Of course, we have a strategic advantage over other schools: New Mexico’s multicultural and multilingual population. Our unique setting gives College of Education students unparalleled opportunities to practice what they learn with a wide variety of student populations.

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Research Matters

Research Matters on iTunes UThe College of Education at the University of New Mexico is a vibrant research community committed to promoting, supporting, and strengthening education. Our faculty are engaged in cutting-edge research and scholarship that inform professional understandings, practices, and identities. These efforts provide valuable opportunities for our students to integrate research and education into their academic experience.

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Tk20 on iTunes UWe at the College of Education believe that true success is measured not only by the knowledge you gain, but in how you utilize this knowledge to impact change among future generations of learners. You have the ability to showcase your education and shape the course of your future career path through the use of innovative technology and interactive learning—all you need are the right tools to accomplish this. The College of Education is pleased to provide you with the tools you need by introducing you to Tk20. The following videos will provide you with the step-by-step information and resources you need to fully utilize Tk20 in a way that is meaningful to your education and instruction.

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The University of New Mexico provides a vast array of content for students, faculty, and staff via the iTunes U system.

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