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Adding your Pandemic Remote Work Experience to your Resume

Posted on January 19, 2021

The pandemic changed the way we work, learn and socialize. Does your resume reflect what you did to adapt to remote work? Many of us have learned new ways to communicate, collaborate, and work remotely, and your resume should mention the adaptations you made to keep your work and learning on track. In this post, we share some examples of what remote communication, collaboration, and time management might look like in your resume. If you want more examples or more explanation of the skill, click on the links below.


  • Facilitated weekly Zoom meetings with team of 6 to schedule and plan marketing initiatives for the week.
  • Submitted weekly updates via email to project supervisor.
  • Responded to questions and concerns by phone and email from my home office.


  • Served as President of student-run volunteer organization that distributed 10,000 books to school age children across the state of New Mexico during the pandemic.
  • Collaborated with a remote team of 4 to identify goals and complete tasks that resulted in the team beating the identified goals.

Time management

  • Maintained shared calendar with deadlines, meetings, protected work times, and reminders that ensured all required assignments were completed on schedule.

Remote Computer skills

  • Zoom, TeamViewer, Google Hangouts Meet, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Go to Meeting, Skype, Trello, and Dropbox
    It’s easy to focus on all the things we missed in 2020, but you have made big changes to get where you are today and learned a lot along the way. Get the credit you deserve for your resiliency!

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