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Common Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

Posted on November 6, 2020

As you prepare for an interview, study common interview questions, think about how you will answer them, and practice your answers aloud. In this article, we discuss three common interview questions and how to answer them.

Tell me about yourself.

This is not an invitation for you to recite your life story from birth. This is an opportunity for you to highlight which skills from your past and present jobs makes you a good fit for the job and how this job fits into your goals for your future. Your answer to this question should be short (1-2 minutes max!), so be sure to practice ahead of time to make sure you include everything you want to say without rambling. The Muse has some helpful guidelines and sample answers to help you prepare.

Tell me about a time or can you give me an example of a time….

Questions that begin with one of these phrases are known as behavioral questions. They ask you to share how you have handled a situation in the past. Indeed has a list of 30 behavioral questions that you may hear in an interview. The easiest way to answer these questions is with the STAR method: S-Situation, T-Task, A-Action, R-Result. The STAR method will help you keep your answers on topic and concise, while allowing you to highlight your accomplishments. This article from Balance Careers explains each part of the STAR method and examples answers that follow the method.

What is your biggest weakness?

This question is hands down the worst but it is a pretty common interview question. You want to answer with a real weakness; one you are working to improve but one that won’t be a problem for the job you are trying to get. Indeed and Hubspot Marketing have example answers.

Interviews are uncomfortable but with preparation and practice you can calm your nerves and improve your performance. The career development facilitators (CDF) at UNM Career Services can meet with you one-on-one to improve your interview skills. To make an appointment with a CDF, contact Career Services at or 277-2531.

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