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UNM TLINC on edWeb


We know that about one-third of teachers leave the class room in the first three years, and about half leave in the first five. It comes down to lack of support for many teachers who are starting out, learning the ropes. Research shows that learning communities can improve retention, accelerate the proficiency of new teachers, and engage all teachers in a professional community of their peers.

What can UNM TLINC do for you?

UNM TLINC is an anywhere, anytime network providing academic and instructional support in a social, yet private community. Our mission is to strengthen teacher preparation and induction programs by offering a rich and dynamic online resource that allows preservice teachers, cooperating teachers, and College of Education faculty to collaborate, and more...

  • Connect with your cohort, professors, and cooperating teachers.
  • Share resources, start a discussion, or build a blog.
  • Join groups that speak to your interests or create one specific to your needs.
  • Meet other educators around the state, nation, and even the world!

Learn, innovate, inspire..