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Are you looking for a COEHS course to fit into your schedule? Need just a few more credits, but not sure what to take?

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Courses to complete your schedule

Please note that some courses may fill up or become unavailable faster than we can update this page. For the most current available for any course, be sure to check the course schedule at

SPCD 502 - The Psychology and Education of Exceptional Persons

Fall 2021: Face to Face (CRN: 63638)

Who is responsible for the education of people with disabilities? This course provides the historical and legal background for special education in schools along with key information on preliminary identification of disabilities and etiologies. Discussion and examples of universal design are used to develop understanding of rationales for academic success and human rights advocacy.

PEP 493/593 - Physical Activity and Cognition for Educators

Fall 2021: Fully Online

How does physical activity and exercise impact children's cognitive functioning? Learn about the relationship between movement and cognitive brain function and how it impacts student learning at school. You'll go beyond theory and learn (and practice) different activities to implement in any context that will positively impact cognitive function and academic performance.

PRPE 1196 - Science of Fitness for Health

Fall 2021: Face to Face

Introduction to the science underlying the numerous health benefits associated with a physically active lifestyle. This course will include relevant concepts from biology, physics, and psychology. This course is open to all majors and students who have not yet declared a major. This is an ideal entry-level science-oriented course for those interested in gaining an understanding the human body’s immediate and long-term responses to physical exertion and benefits thereof.

SPCD 483/583 - Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorder

Section 001 - Fall 2021: Face to Face (CRN 56841 and 57080)

The course is an overview of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Topics such as the definitions, etiology, prevalence, causation, assessment and diagnosis, and characteristics will be addressed. Emphasis is placed on intervention models and evidence-based instructional practices used in the education of students with ASD. The research foundations of these models and practices are given attention. An overview of general instructional strategies for individuals with ASD across the age-range will be also be provided. Other topics addressed in the course include assessment, supporting families, and multicultural issues in ASD.

LEAD 517 - Communication for Education Leaders

Fall 2021: Fully Online

This course is designed to provide communicative strategies for school and program leaders. The first half of the course is designed as a hands-on experience course for students to learn specific strategies of school and community relations as part of project-based learning. The second half of the course is designated as part of understanding issues of community and student diversity. Furthermore, the course includes family and community engagement readings.

EDUC 438 - Reading and Writing in the Content Areas

Section 002 - Fall 2021: Fully Online (CRN: 58508)

Content teachers do not become reading specialists. Content teachers become teachers who teach their students 'how' to read the specific content of their discipline. This is what we mean by Discipline Literacy-guiding your students in thinking like an athlete, social scientist, historian, mathematician, writer, etc. (Nikki Schrum, 2016). Reading and writing are the ways we 'think' about our content literacy. Our course explores issues of literacy development (reading, writing, listening, speaking, visualizing, thinking) across core content areas of secondary school curricula in meaningful and engaging ways.

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