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Interested in sports and exercise? Would you like to become more active, have fun, AND earn credit?

Try one of our PENP/PHED courses offered via Face-to-face (F2F) + Remote Arranged (RA), Remote Scheduled (RS), and/or RA!

All courses listed on this page are for the Fall 2021.

Please note that some courses may fill up or become unavailable faster than we can update this page. For the most current available for any course, be sure to check the course schedule at

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New Courses for Fall 2021

Check out our NEW PENP/PHED courses!

Face-to-Face courses

  • PHED 1280 Full-term 2cr T: Volleyball
  • PHED 1620 Full-term 2cr T: Fitness: Indoor Cycling
  • PHED 2510 1H/2H 1cr T: Training II: Weight Training for Olympic, Powerlifting
  • PHED 2996 Full-term 2cr T: Conditioning: Abs
  • PHED 2996 Full-term 2cr T: Aerobics

Online courses

  • PHED 1140 Full-term 2cr T: Zumba
  • PHED 1510 2H 1cr T: Training: Kickboxing
  • PHED 1620 2H 1cr T: Quick Start Fitness Program
  • PHED 1620 1H 1cr T: Fitness: Wellness
  • PHED 1620 1H 1cr T: Fitness: Active Lobos
  • PHED 1620 1H 1cr T: Fitness: At-Home
  • PHED 1620 2H 1cr T: Fitness: Intro to Fitness
  • PHED 1910 1H 1cr T: Outdoor Experience: Lifetime Activities
  • PHED 2510 2H 1cr T: Training II: Kettlebell
  • PHED 2996 1H 1cr T: Special Topics: Disc Golf

Download a list of Fall 2021 PENP/PHED courses that may still have open seats.

Renamed Courses

Check out our newly titled/numbered PENP/PHED courses!! Below is a complete listing of these courses, along with their former titles/numbers, available beginning this spring.

New TitleFormer Title
PHED 1710 T: Martial Arts: JujutsuPENP 108 Classical Jujutsu I
PHED 1230 T: Individual Sport: Beg TumblingPENP 118 Individual Tumbling
PHED 1230 T: Individual Sport: Adv TumblingPENP 119 Advanced Tumbling
PHED 1410 T: Yoga: YogalatesPENP 167 Yogalates
PHED 1460 T: Conditioning: Abs (coming soon)PHED 2996 T: Conditioning: Abs
PHED 1620 T: Fitness: Walking for FitnessPHED 2996 T: Jogging and Walking
PHED 1620 T: Fitness: Core FitnessPHED 2996 T: CoreFit
PHED 1710 T: Martial Arts: MixedPHED 2996 T: Beg Mixed Martial Arts
PHED 2510 T: Training II: Cross TrainingPHED 2996 T: Cross Training
PHED 1620 T: Fitness: Bootcamp FitnessPHED 2996 T: Bootcamp Fitness
PHED 1620 T: Fitness: Well: Mind: MeditationPHED 2996 T: Mindful Meditation
PHED 1910 T: Outdoor Exper: Beg Rock ClimPHED 2996 T: Beg Rock Climbing
PHED 1910 T: Outdoor Exper: Int Rock ClimPHED 2996 T: Inter Rock Climbing
PHED 1510 T: Training: KickboxingPHED 2996 T: Kickboxing
PHED 1910 T: Outdoor ExperiencePHED 2996 T: Outdoor Experience
PHED 1620 T: Quick Start Fitness ProgramPHED 2996 T: Time Crunch Fitness
PHED 1620 T: Fitness: WellnessPHED 2996 T: Wellness
PHED 1140 T: ZumbaPHED 2996 T: Zumba
PHED 1620 T: Fitness: Active LobosPHED 2996 T: Active Lobos
PHED 1996 T: Special Topics: Disc GolfPHED 2996 T: Disc Golf
PHED 1620 T: Fitness: At-HomePHED 2996 T: Fitness at Home
PHED 1620 T: Fitness: Intro to FitnessPHED 2996 T: Intro to Fitness
PHED 2510 T: Training II: KettlebellPHED 2996 T: Kettlebell Training

These are among the many PENP/PHED courses that are being offered this spring. For a full listing, please refer to the University class schedule:

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