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Graduate Student Organizations

Individual, Family & Community Education Graduate Student Association (IFCE-GSA)
Language, Literacy and Sociocultural Studies Graduate Student Association (LLSS-GSA)
Leaders in Education - Educational Leadership GSA
Special Education Graduate Student Organization (SEGSO)
Teacher Education Graduate Student Association (TEGSA)

Individual, Family & Community Education Graduate Student Association (IFCE-GSA)

President: Michael Verrilli
Vice President: Daniele Miesem
Secretary: Clifford Lucero
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Deborah Rifenbary
Mailing address: SAC Box 11, MSC03-2210
Phone: 750-1743

The purpose of this organization is to promote scholarship, research, professionalism, educational interests, awareness and excellence in education, to provide a voice in departmental decision-making, to provide a body to hear student concerns, and to represent the department at the Graduate Professional Student Association.

Language, Literacy and Sociocultural Studies Graduate Student Association (LLSS-GSA)

Daniel Olufemi, President
Yuliana Kenfield, Vice President
Neritza Diaz-Cruz, Secretary
Azul Cortez, Co-communications Chair
Teresa Lopez-Flores, Co-communications Chair
Moses Allen, Funding Chair
Dr. Carlos LopezLeiva, Advisor/Consultant,
LLSS-GSA Website

To promote intellectual and professional activities, which foster student development, support, community service, advocacy, and to voice interdisciplinary views within the College of Education. Furthermore, to provide graduate students leadership opportunities in academic pursuits, which include forums, conferences, and seminars, as well as within the administrative process, which includes faculty meetings, division meetings, program planning and procedures, dissertation programs, and faculty hiring. In all of the above, the intention is to reflect the diversity of the campus. Formerly known as EDI.

Leaders in Education - Educational Leadership GSA

President/Treasurer: Mark Emmons, 277-6674 (
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Vita Saavedra, 277-2966
Mailing Address: ELOL, Manzanita Hall 119, MSC05-3040

The purpose of this organization is to provide support and enhance the educational experience for graduate students in the Educational Leadership Program.

Special Education Graduate Student Organization SEGSO)

President: George Williams (
Faculty Advisor: Nitasha Clark (
Mailing address: Educational Specialties MSC05-3040 

SEGSO is a student-run organization dedicated to the promotion of professional integrity and commitment to improving the quality of life of persons who have disabilities. The goals of SEGSO include both professional development of the members and service to the University and community. Activities include research presentations on topics relevant to special education, funding for conference travel, and student/faculty social events.

Teacher Education Graduate Student Association (TEGSA)

President 2007-2008: Jack L Christy, 264-5037 (
Vice-President 2007-2008: Clayton Beverly, 331-6132 (
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Diane Torres-Velasquez, 277-9098, Hokona 282 (
Mailing Address: SAC Box 94, MSC03-2210, 1 University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM, 87131-0001

TEGSA is an organization for students created by students. We have student officers and determine our activities for the school year. Our main purpose is to promote active participation of Teacher Education Graduate Students in the life of the College of Education and in Teacher Education. We have a faculty advisor and active faculty involvement. All students enrolled in graduate classes qualify as members of TEGSA. In fact, part of your graduate student fees come back to this organization for our student activities. TEGSA's first year as an organization was 2007-2008. Our officers developed the following list of goals for TEGSA. The three primary goals for our first year included:

  • New student orientation: TEGSA held the first New Student Orientation for students in January 2008. We wanted to provide new students with information about UNM, the College, and Teacher Education. We opened the orientation to all students in the College and invited guest speakers that presented information on the Graduate Student Colloquium, and the resources available at UNM such as Johnson gym, and childcare, etc.. Speakers also provided information on available funding opportunities outside of the college. A student orientation will be provided before the beginning of each semester.
  • Social networking: One of the main goals of TEGSA is to give students the opportunity to meet each other and develop social networks outside of classes. We believe this type of support is essential for graduate students who are developing their academic and professional skills.
  • Supporting academic and professional development of students: TEGSA provided funds for students to join professional organizations, and will be providing funds for students who attended conferences. Funds are available for small research support and for equipment for student use in the department.