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Transfer Credits

Transfer of Credit. The following regulations apply to the transfer of credits toward the doctoral degree:

  1. Course must have carried graduate credit.
  2. Coursework must be from an accredited institution.
  3. Student must have obtained a grade of "B" or better. A maximum of 6 hours of thesis from a completed master's degree or other course work graded Pass or Credit (CR) is transferable.
  4. Course must be approved by the doctoral Committee on Studies and the graduate unit.
  5. Course must be listed on the Application for Candidacy form.
  6. All courses must have final approval from the Dean of Graduate Studies.

Additionally, please note that:

  • Courses more than 10 years old will be examined on a case-by-case basis.
  • MA coursework may be applied to your PhD coursework with the prior approval of your advisor and Committee on Studies.