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PE Teacher Program Innovates to Supervise Student Teachers Virtually

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As a result of COVID-19, many schools and teachers in Albuquerque and across New Mexico are limiting pre-service teachers and university supervisors allowed in PK-12 schools. In addition, many districts have gone completely virtual. In response to this, the University of New Mexico Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE) program is piloting innovative strategies to supervise pre-service teachers during student teaching and early field experiences using virtual supervision technology. This software, called GoReact, allows university supervisors and cooperating teachers to watch recorded or real time video footage of pre-service teachers delivering lessons and provide time stamped specific feedback necessary to enhance teacher knowledge development. Using GoReact will allow PETE faculty and doctoral students to provide substantive, evidence based, and detailed feedback about pedagogy, curriculum, instructional strategies, classroom management, and student performance without having to intrude into the school environment and supporting COVID safe practices around social distancing.