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Colette Village Center

Academic Advisor

Travelstead Hall
505 277-3190

Colette Village Center is an Academic Advisor at the Center for Student Success within the UNM College of Education and Human Sciences. She is originally from McLaughlin, SD on the Standing Rock Reservation, but spent a majority of her life in New Mexico. First in Raton, New Mexico and later transitioning to Albuquerque in pursuit of her BA in Political Science at the University of New Mexico.

As a former Montessori educator, Colette enjoys working with students and allowing them the autonomy to follow their own passions in their education. She strongly believes that education is a tool for students to be free to build the life that they wish while also acknowledging the barriers that many students face in obtaining their degree. In her role, she hopes to help connect students to resources, community, and courses that will allow them to be successful in their time at UNM.

Colette is the oldest of eight children and is very family oriented. She spends as much time as she is able with her family in North Dakota and wishes to one day be the sibling that hosts holidays and younger siblings. Her favorite way to unwind is a good piece of nonfiction, a hike in the Sandia foothills, or working on strengthening her beading skills. If asked to choose between red and green, she will most always choose Christmas.