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Carlos LópezLeiva, PhD

Interim Chair of the Department of Language, Literacy, and Sociocultural Studies (LLSS)

Associate Professor: Language, Literacy, and Sociocultural Studies; Bilingual/TESOL

Hokona Hall 292
505 277-7260
Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago

TESOL, elementary, and secondary school teacher in Guatemala; TESOL instructor, math club coordinator, and research fellow at the Center for the Mathematics Education of Latinas/os (CEMELA) in Chicago.

Research & Scholarly Interests

  • Social construction of culturally and linguistically diverse learners
  • dis/ability construction and positioning
  • social dimension of teaching, learning, and doing mathematics in different environments
  • critical pedagogy
  • identity development of Latinas/os and/or Hispanics as bilingual speakers and as doers of mathematics
  • mathematization processes
  • practitioner and participatory action research


  • Teaching and Learning Mathematics in Elementary School
  • Integrating Mathematics, Science, & TESOL
  • Education Across Cultures of the Southwest
  • Curriculum Development in Multicultural Education
  • The Teaching of Reading in the Bilingual Classroom (La Enseñanza de la Lectura)