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COEHS Diversity Council

Diversity and Social Justice:

We are dedicated to the analysis of social structures and power relations that hinder equal access for all, especially historically underrepresented populations, and to the educational and political work that addresses these inequalities.

Defining Diversity

David Scott Associate Dean, Research & Info. Mgmt.

Diversity is the multiplicity of people, cultures, and ideas that contribute to the richness and quality of life. Diversity includes: race, ethnicity, social class, national origin, language, exceptionality, religion, spirituality, age, sexual orientation, gender, and gender identity. Values, philosophies, ideas, and worldviews that individuals and groups possess are integral parts of this conceptualization. Diversity embodies inclusiveness, mutual respect, and multiple perspectives. This view of diversity encourages the free exchange of ideas, while honoring the maintenance of individual identity and the integrity of culturally centered knowledge.

Diversity Council Members

Cathy QiSPCD2017-2020
Dice ShibataHESS2018-2021
Tom ChavezIFCE2018-2021
Rebecca Blum-MartinezLLSS2016-2019
Mia Sosa-ProvencioTEELP2018-2021
Bee ChamcharatsriAt-Large2018-2021
Katy Crawford-Garrett +At-Large2016-2019
Shawn SecateroAt-Large2018-2021
David LardierAt-Large2018-2021
S. Hector OchoaEx OfficioN/A