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Application now open for paid teacher residencies

It began with 10 teachers receiving just $15,000 per year. Now, dozens of future educators have enrolled in UNM’s College of Education and Human Sciences (COEHS) Albuquerque and District Partner Teacher Residencies (APTR and DPTR) and are earning over double that.

Before this immersive program got a huge boost from the most recent legislative session, it was funded by grants from the National Center for Teacher Residencies and Albuquerque Public Schools (APS).

The APS teacher residency provided a full year of preparation in a K-12 APS classroom, a designated co-teacher, and a guaranteed placement and trial period within APS lasting three years. That brings a whole new level of dedication, to begin with, according to Director of Residencies Marjori Krebs.

“If you made it through the three years because you made that commitment, you end up staying because you found your passion in teaching - if we do our job right,” Krebs said.

“I do believe state legislators saw our success and retention rate and heard positive feedback on the strong preparation of residents who were becoming teachers,” she said.

Everything changed, however, in March 2022, when Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham signed House Bill 13.

“The funding from the state is a game-changer,” she said. “The funding allowed us to expand teacher preparation around the state, and provide a substantial stipend for career changers to join the profession.”

Teachers completing the residencies could now earn a $35,000 stipend. Not just them, but hosting teachers, principals, and participating higher education institutions participating also were supplemented to make this a reality.

Learn more about the teacher residency program and its many benefits, as well as how to apply on the COEHS’ website. Applications are due Feb. 15, or until licensure area requests from districts are filled.

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