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Dr. Aijuan Cun (LLSS) and Dr. Shixi Zhao (HESS) NIH Research Proposal Moving Forward

Asian immigrant families encounter various cultural and social contexts and face mental health issues (e.g., anxiety and depression) in their normal lives in the U.S... Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Asian immigrant families face additional mental health crises, such as having increased levels of stress and experiencing racist and xenophobic discrimination linked to the pandemic. Additionally, the health literacy and health needs of the families are largely unknown. To help and support Asian immigrant families, Dr. Aijuan Cun (LLSS) and Dr. Shixi Zhao (HESS) collaborated to conduct a study titled Empowering Asian immigrant families through a literacy and health project during the Covid-19 pandemic to improve the mental health and wellbeing of Asian immigrant families through a family reading program. Empowering Asian immigrants through the reading program potentially helps reduce the health inequalities related to the mental, behavioral health of Asian immigrant families.

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Dr. Aijuan Cun is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Language, Literacy, & Sociocultural Studies

Dr. Shixi Zhao is an Assistant Professor in the Health Education Program