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Fall 2022 Mini-grant Awardees Announced

COEHS Research Office Fall 2022 Mini Grant Award Recipients

ApplicantDepartmentProjectTotal Funded
Monique RodriguezIFCEMental Health Distress and Substance Use in Trauma Survivors: Examining the Role of Interoceptive Awareness and Emotion Regulation$4,000.00
Christine MermierHESSThe effect of moderate intensity exercise in hypobaric hypoxia on markers of autophagy and angiogenesis$4,000.00
Allyssa MemminiHESSAdvancing Concussion Education and Clinical Management among Interdisciplinary Healthcare Providers through Community Health Needs Assessments$1,965.00
Sojeong NamIFCEDeveloping and Evaluating a Group Intervention for Deconstructing Implicit Biases in Counseling Students$4,000.00
Fabiano AmorimHESSEffects of aging on excess post-exercise oxygen consumption and bone turnover markers$3,653.20
Allison NannemanSpecial EdUnderstanding the Mathematics Preparation Experiences of Pre-Service Special Educators$3,200.00
Chelsea MorrisIFCERebound and Recovery: Contextualized Impact and Sustainability$3,184.00
Sarah CarlsonSpecial EdSecondary Special Educators and Transition Professionals’ Understanding and Implementation of Interagency Collaboration Practices$4,000.00
Victoria ShiverHESSHealthy Lobos Pilot Program$3,984.00
Jeongwoon JeongIFCEValidation of Counseling Self-Efficacy Scale for Counselors-in-Training$4,000.00
Michael DeyhleHESSUnderstanding the Cellular Mechanisms of Cancer Cachexia$4,000.00
Yoo SungLLSSEcofeminism and Haenyeo Stories in Korean Picture Books$1,400.00
TOTAL FUNDED$40,000.00