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Allison Borden, PhD

Professor, Educational Leadership

Hokona Hall 390
505 277-1285

During the 25 years prior to her work in higher education, Dr. Borden served as a K-12 teacher and principal in the USA and Honduras, including service as a bilingual teacher and bilingual program director in Massachusetts. She has consulted on education reform projects and conducted research on principal preparation and professional development in Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Paraguay. Her current research agenda focuses on democratic education and citizenship development in Guatemala and leadership preparation in the USA.

Research & Scholarly Interests

  • Preparation of Educational Leaders in the United States
  • Building-level Leadership and Education Reform in Latin America
  • Democratic Education


  • LEAD 503: Data-Informed Instructional Leadership,
  • LEAD 520: The School Principalship,
  • LEAD 528: Leading Improvement in Low Performing Schools,
  • LEAD 560: Instructional Leadership, Supervision, and Evaluation,
  • LEAD 561: Legal Issues for School Leaders,
  • LEAD 603: Introduction to Data Analysis for Organizational Leaders,
  • LEAD 609: Quantitative Methods for Analyzing and Transforming,
  • LEAD 620: Democracy, Ethics, and Social Justice in Transformational Leadership,
  • LEAD 629: Seminar for Practicing School Administrators,
  • LEAD 693: (topics course) Workshop in Secondary Data Analysis