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Secondary Education with Math, Science, and Educational Technology (MSET) concentration, M.A.

Application Deadlines

Summer/Fall Semesters: February 1 for best consideration. Applications will continue to be reviewed.
Spring Semester: September 1 for best consideration. Applications will continue to be reviewed.

Degree Program: Secondary Education
Degree: M.A. in Secondary Education, Licensed Teachers
Program Code: MA-SED

Department: Teacher Education, Educational Leadership & Policy
Program: Secondary Education

Apply to a Teacher Education, Educational Leadership & Policy Department Degree Program

  1. Contact a faculty advisor in your content area to set up an appointment. Bring your undergraduate transcripts to the meeting. The faculty advisor will analyze your transcripts and plan your coursework with you.
  2. Complete the Application requirements online at

Specific Application Instructions can be found under Forms and Resources for additional information. 

Note: All applications must be received by the application deadline date. Incomplete application will not be reviewed.


Our M.A. in Secondary Education for Licensed Teachers will help you advance to Level II or the New Mexico Three-Tiered Teacher Licensure System. In our program you will take 15 hours of core courses in areas of research, diversity, curriculum development, advanced instructional strategies and a Masters Capstone seminar at the end of the program.

You will also be able to explore one area of study through 18 hours of an emphasis area that you will choose. You may take courses to add a new endorsement, strengthen your teaching knowledge and skills in your current teaching area, investigate areas of teacher leadership, study your own teaching or learn how to impact the lives of students beyond your classroom. All courses will help you improve in your ability to assess your practice for student learning and other skills that will help you be prepared to complete the Professional Development Dossier for licensure advancement.


Elementary Education or Secondary Education with Mathematics, Science and Educational Technology (MSET) Concentration

MSET offers a concentration to those interested in teaching within the fields of mathematics, science and educational technology. Students will complete core content classes as determined by their advisor, as well as elective classes in MSET or the Departments of Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry or Physics.

Program Information

The Program of Studies for participants in the MSET concentration cohort includes course work in either mathematics, the sciences or educational technology and teacher education.

The courses within the Program of Studies contain experiences and knowledge bases which emphasize the following themes:

  • Inquiry
  • Research
  • Analysis and Critique
  • History and Philosophy
  • Cultures and Diversity

These themes focus on the contexts of learning and the sociopolitical aspects of learning and teaching.

Student Outcomes

  • Analyze and critique research, curriculum, assessment and pedagogical practices in mathematics, science and/or technology education.
  • Acquire skills necessary to meet the needs of culturally, linguistically, and educationally diverse communities particular to the Southwest.
  • Conduct research and engage in inquiry on teaching and learning in science, mathematics and/or educational technology.
  • Apply philosophical, historical and current perspectives in the domains of science education, mathematics education, technology education, elementary education, secondary education and teacher education.

All applicants are required to have:

  • A teaching license in elementary or secondary education;
  • teaching experience; and,
  • outstanding references related to performance as a teacher.

General Academic Regulations

Students are responsible for complying with all regulations of the University, their respective colleges and the departments from which they take courses, as well as for fulfilling all degree requirements. Students are responsible for knowing and complying with all academic regulations.

Coursework Requirements

The Master’s degree in this program is offered under Plan II (without thesis) and requires a minimum of 36 semester hours.

MSET Concentration Requirements (18 hrs)*
MSET593: T:Philosophy of the Sciences
MSET593: T:Directed Readings in MSET

*12 Hours of Electives:
Candidates with majors in either Elementary Education or Secondary Education, any 300 level or above course as designated in the University Catalog which are in the content area and are approved by an advisor.

Application Process

  • Applicants must have a valid teaching license.
  • To apply, submit an online application to Elementary Ed. or Secondary Ed. at:
  • Selection criteria:
    1. 3.0 GPA in the last 60 hours of undergraduate coursework
    2. Teaching Experience
    3. Three (3) Letters of Reference
    4. Letter of Intent
    5. Professional Resume

UNM Graduate Student Benefits

  • Access to all UNM Libraries including Zimmerman Library, and all online data bases
  • Free admission to all UNM athletic events, if enrolled in 6 or more graduate hours
  • Free access to all exercise and wellness facilities at Johnson Center