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Secondary Education with Licensure, M.A.

Application Deadlines

Summer/Fall Semesters: February 1 for best consideration. Applications will continue to be reviewed.
Spring Semester: September 1 for best consideration. Applications will continue to be reviewed.

Our program offers three licensure options to prospective teachers holding a Bachelor’s Degree. Applicants for all three options must satisfy Graduate School requirements and be admitted to the M.A. with Licensure Program.

Alternative Licensure: A planned sequence of 18 credit hours of courses and field experiences. You may apply to the state of New Mexico for the Level I Alternative License after completing this 18 credit hour sequence of courses.

Students are strongly encouraged to complete the M.A. Program in Secondary Education following attaining licensure.

Application Process

1) Contact the Graduate Licensure Coordinator to explore this degree option. (Specific Content Area Coursework is required.)

2) Contact a faculty advisor in your content area to set up an appointment. Bring your undergraduate transcripts to the meeting. The faculty advisor will analyze your transcripts and plan your coursework with you. The Gradate Licensure Coordinator will direct you to the appropriate faculty member to review your transcripts.

3) Complete the Application Requirements online at

Note: Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

Please see the Specific Application Instructions under Forms and Resources for additional information.

Step by Step Process for the M.A. with Licensure Program

Acceptance to Program

  1. Satisfy all state and university requirements for graduate and secondary licensure program admissions.
  2. Applicants accepted to the program receive a letter from the Department of Teacher Education within four weeks after the submission deadline.

Teaching Field Requirements

Complete courses required in your teaching field as approved by your Faculty Advisor on your advisement form. To enroll in Teaching Experience I in the Fall, students must be lacking no more than six credit hours in their chosen teaching field.
Professional Licensure Requirements

  1. After receiving approval to enroll in Professional Licensure courses, attend a mandatory orientation meeting to learn about requirements, courses and school placements.

  2. Note: Students do not make their own placements and should not contact classroom teachers or schools directly.

  3. Register in the Field Services Portal (

  4. Complete a fingerprint and background check and purchase liability insurance. New Mexico statue and school district policies require background checks for all adults who have contact with students in New Mexico schools.

  5. Meet field experience requirements under the supervision of a Cooperating Teacher in Teaching Experience I (Pre-Student Teaching) in the Fall and Student Teaching (Advanced Field Experiences) in the Spring and course requirements in the Professional Licensure program.

    In Teaching Experience I (during Fall Semester) students are in schools every week for approximately 10 hours, assisting and teaching in one class. Days and times vary depending on the schedule at the school.

    In order to being full-time student teaching, students must pass the 3 Essential Skills Tests as required by the State of New Mexico. (See for more information.)

    In Full-Time Student Teaching (in Spring Semester) students are in schools every day for the whole day. Student teachers often start when the school year begins but finish when the UNM semester ends.

  6. Assess your progress and remaining requirements for licensure with a Completion Check that is done in the Fall by the College of Education Advisement Center.

  7. Complete the New Mexico Licensure Examinations as required by the State of New Mexico.

  8. Complete the Licensure Program Exit Survey.

Apply for Licensure

  1. When the NES scores have been sent to the state, apply for the desired licensure option (standard or alternative) from the state of New Mexico.

Complete the M.A. Degree (Optional for Alternative Licensure Students)

  1. Meet with your faculty advisor on courses needed to complete the M.A. degree (33 hours). Students can use up to 15 hours from their licensure program towards their M.A. degree. Students will then need 18-21 hours after completing their licensure requirements. Of these, students must take one course from each of the five categories of core courses as shown on the program of studies form. Remaining hours can be taken as electives.
  2. See your faculty advisor each semester to update your program of studies and discuss progress towards completion of your degree. EDUC 590 Seminar is the final course that should be taken to complete your M.A. program.
  3. A Masters Examination is required for all students in the M.A. in Secondary Education with Licensure Program (Plan I). This examination is administered through the EDUC 590 Seminar.
  4. To graduate, submit the OGS Program of Studies form to the Department of Teacher Education. This form must be submitted the semester before you enroll in EDUC 590, the final course you will take in the M.A. with Licensure the semester prior to the semester in which you plan to graduate according to the following deadlines: October 1 for Spring Program Completion; March 1 for Summer Program Completion; or, July 1 for Fall Program Completion.
  5. Receive a passing score on the Master’s Examination.