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Thursday, April 20, 2023 at 4:30 p.m. via Zoom

You are invited to join faculty from the UNM College of Education & Human Sciences to learn about the various Master's programs we offer to advance your license to level 3!

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Secondary Education with Licensure, M.A. (Teaching Grades 7-12)

Application Deadlines

Summer/Fall Semesters: February 1 for best consideration. Applications will continue to be reviewed.
Spring Semester: September 1 for best consideration. Applications will continue to be reviewed.

The MA in Secondary Education with Licensure Program is typically a 2-semester program, with coursework and field experience (working with a cooperating teacher in a secondary education classroom) in both semesters.

To be a teacher at the Secondary level, a student must be a content area expert in one of the following content areas: English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Global Languages, Social Studies, or Bilingual Education. As required by the State of New Mexico, a student is required to have 24 credit hours in one of the above subject areas, with 12 of those hours taken at the upper division (300-400 level or above). It is important that each student meets with the Graduate Licensure Coordinator to review transcripts to be sure the student has the required content to be eligible to be a teacher in Secondary Education.

Prospective students should contact to be connected with the Graduate Licensure Coordinator to schedule an advising appointment. The Graduate Licensure Coordinator will review the program with the student and then refer the student to the content-area expert faculty member who will review transcripts and advise the student on the student’s preparedness to be a secondary education teacher.

For more information about the MA in Secondary Education + Licensure program, please contact Dr. Marjori Krebs, Graduate Licensure Coordinator, at

Below is the outline of the Secondary Education Program:

In the Fall Semester, students typically enroll in the following courses:

EDUC *438: Teaching Reading & and Writing in the Content Field (3 graduate credits)

EDUC 550: Issues in Secondary Education (3 graduate credits)

SPCD 507: Collaboration for Inclusive Education (3 graduate credits)

CONTENT AREA METHODS COURSE: This course depends on the content area in which the student will be teaching (3 graduate credits)

EDUC 362: Teaching Experience I (3 undergraduate credits)—This course includes a seminar and a minimum of 10 hours per week in a classroom with a cooperating teacher.

In the Spring Semester, students typically enroll in the following course:

EDUC 595: Advanced Field Experiences (6 credit hours)—This course includes a seminar and 5 full days per week in a classroom with a cooperating teacher.

Note: Students do not make their own field experience placements in schools or with teachers and should not contact classroom teachers or schools directly.

Graduate licensure students are required to pass several state-required tests in order to obtain licensure. Please visit for more information on these required tests.

Once a student has completed the coursework and field experience requirements, and has passed all the state required licensure tests, the student is eligible to apply for a New Mexico Level 1 Teaching License in Secondary Education (Grades 7-12).

The COEHS District Partner Teacher Residencies

Visit for more information on Teacher Residencies with stipends up to $35,000 per year for the 2022-2023 school year.

Secondary Education Program Application Process

  1. Contact the Graduate Licensure Coordinator by emailing to explore this degree option. (Specific Content Area Coursework is required.) The Graduate Licensure Coordinator will connect the student with the content area faculty advisor to review transcripts.

  2. Complete the Application Requirements online at

    Applicants accepted to the program receive a letter from the Department of Teacher Education, Educational Leadership & Policy within four weeks after the submission deadline.

  3. Register in the Field Services Portal ( Field Services will connect you with a cooperating teacher when it is time to complete your student teaching, and assist you in the fingerprint and background check process.

  4. Complete a fingerprint and background check and purchase liability insurance. New Mexico statute and school district policies require background checks for all adults who have contact with students in New Mexico schools.

Complete the M.A. Degree (Optional for Alternative Licensure Students)

  1. Meet with your faculty advisor to determine the courses needed to complete the M.A. degree (33 hours). Students can use up to 15 hours from their licensure program towards their M.A. degree. Students will then need 18 hours to complete the M.A. Degree after completing their licensure requirements.

  2. Continue to meet with your assigned faculty advisor each semester. In consultation with your advisor, initiate and regularly update your Program of Studies (POS) and discuss progress towards completion of the M.A. degree. EDUC 590 Seminar is the final course that should be taken to complete your M.A. program.

  3. To prepare to graduate, contact your faculty advisor, complete and submit your OGS Program of Studies (POS) form online through the Office of Graduate Studies. This form must be submitted the semester before each student enrolls in EDUC 590, the final course students take in the M.A. Degree. This POS is due at the beginning of the semester prior to the semester of graduation according to the following deadlines: September 15 for Spring Degree Completion; February 15 for Summer Degree Completion; or, June 15 for Fall Degree Completion.

  4. Pass the Master’s Examination which is required for all students in the M.A. in Secondary Education with Licensure Program (Plan I) or complete the M.A. Thesis, with support and collaboration with your advisor.

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Professional Licensure Disclosure

Our program has determined it meets professional licensure requirements in the state of New Mexico. It has not determined it meets professional licensure requirements in any other state.