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Educational Leadership Faculty and Staff


Borden, Allison
Associate Professor: Educational Leadership
Hokona Hall 390
Curriculum Vitae

Scholarly interests:

  • Preparation of Educational Leaders in the United States
  • Building-level Leadership and Education Reform in Latin America
  • Democratic Education

Courses taught:

  • LEAD 503: Data-Informed Instructional Leadership,
  • LEAD 520: The School Principalship,
  • LEAD 528: Leading Improvement in Low Performing Schools,
  • LEAD 560: Instructional Leadership, Supervision, and Evaluation,
  • LEAD 561: Legal Issues for School Leaders,
  • LEAD 603: Introduction to Data Analysis for Organizational Leaders,
  • LEAD 609: Quantitative Methods for Analyzing and Transforming,
  • LEAD 620: Democracy, Ethics, and Social Justice in Transformational Leadership,
  • LEAD 629: Seminar for Practicing School Administrators,
  • LEAD 693: (topics course) Workshop in Secondary Data Analysis

During the 25 years prior to her work in higher education, Dr. Borden served as a K-12 teacher and principal in the USA and Honduras, including service as a bilingual teacher and bilingual program director in Massachusetts. She has consulted on education reform projects and conducted research on principal preparation and professional development in Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Paraguay. Her current research agenda focuses on democratic education and citizenship development in Guatemala and leadership preparation in the USA.


Chávez, Alicia F.
Associate Professor: Educational Leadership
Hokona Hall 392A
Curriculum Vitae

Scholarly interests:

  • Culture and College Teaching
  • Identity and Leadership in Higher Education
  • Applied Anthropology in Higher Education
  • Socio-cultural Studies in Higher Education

Courses taught:

  • LEAD 529: Adult Learning
  • LEAD 550: Culturally Responsive Leadership
  • LEAD 594: Practicum in Educational Leadership
  • LEAD 503: Data Informed Leadership
  • LEAD 501: Educational Leadership in a Democratic Society
  • LEAD 693/593: Enhancing Leadership through Educational Anthropology
  • LEAD 601: Perspectives in Leadership
  • LEAD 605: Qualitative Research Methods
  • LEAD 607: Qualitative Research Analysis
  • Faculty Development in the area of Culture and College Teaching

Dr. Alicia Fedelina Chávez has co-authored/edited 4 books on higher education with a fifth on the way in areas of culture and college teaching as well as identity and leadership. Her background in collegiate administration and faculty development serve her well as she mentors emerging and current leaders in education and offers consultation to faculty on teaching across cultures in college. Her Spanish and Apache ancestry are in the Taos and Luis Lopez/Socorro areas of New Mexico.

Vi Florez

Florez, Viola E.
Professor Emerita & PNM Endowed Chair
Hokona Hall 392
Curriculum Vitae

Scholarly interests:

  • P-20 education - critical transition years
  • Educational leadership and policy development in higher education
  • Teacher preparation - focus on urban education and bilingual settings
  • Community engagement, impact of community involvement on learning, and public service
  • Social Intervention and change - influences on community and school neighborhoods
  • Family history and traditions
Heredia Griego, Meriah

Heredia Griego, Meriah E.
Hokona Hall 392
Curriculum Vitae

Scholarly interests:

  • Education Policy
  • Construction of Student Identities in Policy Discourse
  • Hispanic Serving Institution Leadership
  • Government Relations and Lobbying in Higher Education
Holmes, William (Toby)

Holmes, William (Toby)
Assistant Professor: Educational Leadership
Hokona Hall 380
Curriculum Vitae

Scholarly interests:

  • Research and teaching in the areas of leadership communication
  • Motivating language theory
  • Culturally sustaining instructional leadership

Dr. Holmes is an Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership in the Department of Teacher Education Educational Leadership and Policy at the University of New Mexico. He is a former principal of a five-star elementary school. He is a member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma.

Hughes, Scott

Hughes, Scott
Associate Research Professor
Center for Education Policy Research
Curriculum Vitae

Scholarly interests:

  • Data Informed Decision Making and P-20 Education Policy
  • Leading and Managing Change in Educational Organizations
  • Educational Staff Development
  • Leadership and early childhood education

Lopez, Patrick
Lecturer III: Educational Leadership
Hokona Hall 124
Curriculum Vitae

Scholarly interests:

  • Fiscal and legal issues
  • Accountability
  • Technology
  • Professional development
  • Hispanic persistence/completion rates in higher education
Russ Romans

Romans, Russ
Lecturer III: Educational Leadership
Hokona Hall 378
Curriculum Vitae

Scholarly interests:

  • Leadership Development
  • Adult Learning
  • School Data Analysis
  • Principal Preparation Programs

Secatero, Shawn
Assistant Professor: Educational Leadership
Hokona Hall 388
Curriculum Vitae

Scholarly interests:

  • Higher Education, Indigenous Leadership
  • Holistic Education
  • Wellness Studies
  • Literacy Education
  • Indigenous Education
  • Program Development

Courses taught:

  • LEAD 521: School Finance and Resource Allocation
  • LEAD 501: Leadership in a Democratic Society
  • LEAD 530 Conflict Resolution in Schools and Organizations
  • LEAD 601 Leadership Perspectives
  • LEAD 505: Visionary Leadership for Learning
  • LLSS 593: Issues in American Indian Education.

Special projects/initiatives:

  • Coordinator of Educational Leadership POLLEN (Promoting Our Learning, Leadership and Empowering Nations) Kellogg Grant School Administrators Program for Native American Schools Cohort
  • Faculty Advisor for Society of Native American Graduate Students (SNAGS) at UNM
  • Director of Striking Eagle Native American Basketball Invitational and Education Fair at UNM

Dr. Shawn Secatero is a member of the Canoncito Band of Navajos and is an Assistant Professor in the Teacher Education, Educational Leadership Program at UNM. He has ten years of teaching background at the secondary-higher education level and specializes in holistic education and wellness. Dr. Secatero is currently developing an indigenous based holistic well-being model in education and leadership as part of his research.


Williams, Sheri
Associate Professor: Educational Leadership
Hokona Hall 380
Curriculum Vitae

Scholarly interests:

  • Relational Leadership, Cultural Competence, Critical Thinking, and Community Engagement in the preparation of Next-Generation Leaders for Change in Urban, Rural, & Tribal Schools and Systems

Courses taught:

  • LEAD 503 Data-Informed Instructional Leadership
  • LEAD 510 School Community Relations
  • LEAD 520 The School Principalship
  • LEAD 560 Instructional Leadership: Supervision and Evaluation
  • LEAD 615 Leadership Group Dynamics
  • LEAD 629 Seminar for Practicing School Administrators
  • LEAD 699 Dissertation
  • MGMT 707 Executive Leadership for Educators

Special projects/initiatives:

  • Kellogg Grant Recipient 2014-17: Curriculum Revision for Native-inspired schools
  • Invited Conference Keynoter 2017: Student Employee and Employer Experience
  • UCEA Research Project Team 2017: State ESSA plans for the Preparation and Development of School Leadership, Trends and Cross-State Findings
  • COE Grant Recipient 2013-2016: Assessing Learning in Face-to-Face and Online environments and Using Performance Tasks to teach Critical Thinking

Dr. Sheri Williams joined the Department of Teacher Education, Educational Leadership, and Policy in UNM's College of Education in 2013. Prior to her appointment at UNM, Williams served as an instructor at the University of Colorado and the University of Nebraska. She works with interdisciplinary scholars, policy makers, and practitioners on projects designed to reimagine the teaching and learning of next-generation school leaders. She is devoted to inquiry, dialogue and action that generates strategic interventions and program innovations which can be replicated on a large scale to improve the quality of teaching and learning in New Mexico. She partners with external evaluators on the assessment of innovative and clinically-rich preparation programs for educational leadership in rural, tribal, and urban schools. Williams came to UNM after more than two decades of continuous service as a public-school administrator, serving as a Superintendent of Schools in rural Colorado and New Mexico, Assistant Superintendent and Director in two large suburban districts in Colorado, and Principal of 4 rural, remote elementary schools in Colorado's high country. Her administrator license is current through 2020 in New Mexico. During her service as an administrator, she was elected to state-level leadership on a number of professional boards. Her resume attests to her track record of success in advancing equity and excellence in diverse schools and communities. When she stepped into the role of tenure-line faculty, she enthusiastically embraced UNM's academic mission, working collaboratively with interdisciplinary faculty to advance the presence of UNM as an intensive research university. She brings an international and cross-disciplinary perspective to her research. Her scholarship is focused on transformational theories of leadership and culturally-rooted pedagogies that help shape educational outcomes through school, university, and community partnerships. Among a variety of articles, her research on teaching and assessing critical thinking was published in a high impact international journal and viewed by nearly 900 scholars in the first month of publication. Her report on gaps in state ESSA plans for advancing principal preparation was deemed influential for policy makers at the federal and state levels. Her teaching centers on the preparation of candidates for data-informed and socially just leadership. She is known for her substantial record of mentoring next-generation school leaders who are prepared to influence and make an impact in New Mexico and beyond. In addition to the aforementioned scholarship and teaching roles, Williams has served on a variety of university committees at the college and university level and on service boards at the local and national levels. She has gained a national presence among professional organizations serving as an elected officer with AERA, an appointed-member with UCEA's Policy Review Team, a reviewer of multiple journals, and as a certified leadership trainer with McREL International. She has received numerous honors including the "Excellence in Education Award" from the National Alliance of Business and the "Friend of Education Award" from the Colorado Education Association, an affiliate of NEA. She was elected Vice President of the National PTA and was appointed to the National Advisory Panel for Child Care Action Campaign and the Sixth US Congressional District Education Task Force. She served as a Board member for the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools and the New Mexico Voices for Children. She is a graduate of the 2007 International Aspen Ideas Institute and the 2011 Leadership New Mexico Core Program. Williams earned a post-doctoral certificate in executive leadership from the University of Colorado in 1990 and a doctorate in educational psychology from Oklahoma State University in 1978. She received her masters and bachelors' degrees in communications and teaching from the University of Illinois and Colorado State University. Sheri was raised in Colorado in a culturally- and linguistically-diverse neighborhood and attended Denver's inner-city schools. She and her spouse, Dr. Johnny Williams, moved to New Mexico in 2008 and live in Albuquerque in an adobe home filled with cultural artifacts, green chili, and a succulent garden.

Pertinent website links:

Woodrum, Arlie
Associate Professor: Educational Leadership
Hokona Hall 370

Scholarly interests:

  • Critical pedagogy
  • Rural school principalship
  • Context and culture
  • Community expectations