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Benefits of Co-Teaching

K-5/6 Students

  • Increased student achievement
  • More student-teacher interaction
  • Tier II, & ELL interventions with students are more comprehensive with the co-teachers presence allotting more time for in depth supplemental instruction.  This also benefits the higher-level students to receive instructions for independent lessons sooner versus waiting, while the teacher attends to Tier II students. 
  • More attention to meet students’ needs; the ability to provide better interventions
  • Benefits to students are many, more time, and increased preparation time.
  • Classroom management is also enhanced.

Cooperating Teachers (classroom teacher) and the School Community

  • Having teacher candidates from the beginning of the year to the end has led to the respect of the students seeing the teacher candidates as classroom professionals; the co-teaching team is important.
  • It’s the little things, like the participation in the chalk art for example, and their visibility in the school, that has created a presence in the community. 
  • “We haven’t had collaboration and involvement with UNM faculty like this for a long time” (Administrator)
  • “I found that these TCs are way more prepared then other student teachers I have had in the past and I attribute some of that to being in the classroom in a different way.” (Cooperating Teacher)
  • “It’s brought in high quality teacher candidates who have lowered the pupil to teacher ratio in the classroom. They provided a great number of resources to the school, as a whole, and they also work in developing relationships with students” (Administrator)
  •  “They definitely feel very rooted at the school having a professor here, having themselves as a cohort here.” (Cooperating Teacher)

Teacher Candidates

  • A much more robust experience for TCs—”I’m learning more about teaching than I thought”
  • Both TCs and CTs are simultaneously the teacher and the learner in this situation.
  • Teacher candidates become more proactive as the relationship evolves and equality is increasing.
  • The familiarity of the cohort with parents, staff, and community has led to a successful partnership.
  • “The pieces that help us enormously is the ability of these teacher candidates to be able to move from classroom to classroom and support the needs of the school as a whole, and I think that creates a resiliency within them, a confidence in their ability to manage classrooms and their ability to adapt what they learned at UNM to the classroom.”(Administrator)
  • Well prepared for beginning years as a classroom teacher

UNM embedded faculty

  • Sense of renewal
  • Working along school-based partners
  • Changes made to UNM teacher preparation
  • Immediate attention is given to areas for growth of teacher candidates