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Tk20 FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (Introduction to Tk20)

For a comprehensive list of Tk20 help topics, frequently asked questions, and support resources, please visit the Tk20 forum on the Center for Student Success Support Desk at

  1. What is Tk20?
    Tk20 is a comprehensive data management system that allows students to be active online participants in multiple areas of their college experience including: course instruction, field experience, learning outcomes assessment, academic advising and career portfolio management. The Tk20 system is utilized by several other Colleges of Education around the country including Arizona State University and The Ohio State University.

  2. How does Tk20 work?
    The Tk20 assessment process is one that involves a series of steps that are followed by students, instructors, and the Tk20 support staff in a particular order. The process begins with instructors coordinating with the Tk20 support staff to discuss configuration of an assignment in Tk20. The instructions, assessment rubrics, and any necessary forms for the assignment are then configured by the Tk20 support staff and the assignment is sent to students in Tk20. This results in a pending task listed on the student's Tk20 homepage. When the assignment is sent, the instructor informs the students directly that they need to log into Tk20 and complete an assignment (Tk20 does not automatically notify students via E-mail when they have a pending task to complete-this is the responsibility of the instructor). The student then logs into Tk20, clicks on the pending task, and follows the steps outlined in the Tk20 user guides (provided by the instructor) to complete and submit the assignment. Once the student clicks submit, the instructor receives a pending task on their Tk20 homepage, indicating that an assessment needs to be completed. The instructor then logs into Tk20, clicks on the pending task, and follows the steps outlined in the Tk20 Faculty Guide to complete and submit the assessment (Note: an assessment cannot be completed until the student submits their assignment). Once the assessment has been submitted, this concludes the Tk20 assessment process. The student can now view the completed assessment rubric by visiting the "Assessment" tab for their assignment and data can begin to be collected for reporting purposes.
    How Tk20 works

  3. Why is the UNM College of Education & Human Sciences using the Tk20 system?
    The College of Education & Human Sciences recognizes the importance of meaningful learning outcomes assessment and the collection and analysis of student performance data as critical components of effective teaching and learning. Additionally, the College is committed to maintaining the standards of the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) as well as several other agencies that oversee the accreditation of non-licensure College of Education programs. The Tk20 system provides a product that helps students and faculty track student progress through their program curricula and demonstrates that we have a system which allows us to collect, analyze and use data to improve our programs and the performance of our candidates for graduation.

  4. When is Tk20 going to be implemented?
    The Tk20 system has been implemented in phases. The first phase was initiated in Spring 2012 with ONLY undergraduate students in teacher preparation programs in the College of Education & Human Sciences. ALL other programs in COE including licensure programs as well as non-licensure programs were brought into the system in the Fall 2012 semester.

  5. Why do I have to pay a curriculum fee to use Tk20? What are the benefits to me?
    Part of the contract with Tk20 is an agreement that students pay a usage and support fee. The one-time fee of $125 allows students to access and use the system across the areas of assessment, advisement, field experience and career portfolio management. This one-time fee is good for 8 years and will allow you to access and use Tk20 after you graduate and start your career. In addition to submitting key assignments online, you will have the ability to create personal electronic portfolios of your selected work and allow faculty, peers and future employers to access your portfolio files within Tk20.

  6. When is the curriculum fee assessed and is it refundable?
    The $125 one-time fee is assessed automatically by the UNM Bursar's office when a COEHS admitted student registers for COEHS courses. The fee is refundable ONLY up to the 21st day of the semester based on a student dropping all courses in COEHS. If a student dis-enrolls from the university or changes to another program outside of COEHS after the 21st day of the semester, the curriculum fee will not be refunded.

  7. Is the fee eligible to be covered by financial aid?
    Yes, the Tk20 fee is considered a "cost of attendance" for students in the College of Education & Human Sciences and will be eligible for consideration as part of costs for loan purposes.

  8. What if I have financial circumstances beyond that covered by financial aid that would make it very difficult for me to pay all or part of the one-time $125 fee?
    The College will consider, on a limited basis, individual requests for financial support to assist in payment of this fee for students who have extremely challenging and extenuating financial circumstances (e.g. unexpected medical expenses; a sudden unforeseen life event that causes a dire financial burden). The process for consideration is to contact the COEHS Tk20 Help Desk ( and you should provide an explanation of the circumstances leading to your request. The request will then be reviewed by the COEHS Associate Dean of Assessment and Accreditation and a decision will be made regarding full or partial support for the fee. Please note that documented evidence of your financial need will be confirmed through the UNM Financial Aid office.

  9. 9. Is Tk20 available on both Macs and PCs?
    Tk20 is a web-based product that is accessible to both Mac and PC users. It is most compatible with the Firefox browser.

  10. 10. Is the system secure and confidential?
    Yes, Tk20 is secure and confidential. No one will have access to your files except you, your instructors, and advisors. You will have the opportunity to provide a link to your portfolio for people of your choice to have limited time access, only to the portfolio files.

  11. 11. How do I access Tk20?
    Students and faculty can access the Tk20 system at

  12. 12.What is my Tk20 username and password?
    Your username and password will be the same as your UNM NetID and password

  13. 13. Who do I contact if I have questions about Tk20?
    Refer to the UNM COE Tk20 Website ( and click on the "Tk20 Support" link for information on who to contact for general and specific questions related to Tk20. It is also encouraged to visit the Tk20 forum on the Center for Student Success Support Desk at