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Tk20 Portfolios

Tk20 Presentation Portfolios

One of the greatest benefits of the Tk20 system for students is the ability to create a professional electronic portfolio by using the Tk20 Presentation Portfolio module. Students can use the portfolio module to showcase academic achievements and create portfolios that can be shared with potential employers or colleagues—all from the convenience of a centralized online location that is fully customizable and accessible 24/7.

The Tk20 Presentation Portfolio module enables you to:

  • Upload documents, images, and media into Tk20
  • Highlight your relevant experience, including field work, student teaching, and key academic or professional projects you have completed
  • Organize your information in electronic format
  • Easily share this information with employers or colleagues

Misconceptions about the Tk20 Presentation Portfolio module:

While the Tk20 Presentation Portfolio module enables you to share your portfolio with others, it is very important to remember that your presentation portfolio is the ONLY thing you will be sharing with others. Never, at any point, will you be granting anyone access to your Tk20 account. It is a common misconception that “sharing your portfolio” means granting someone access to log into your Tk20 account. When a portfolio is saved and published, a link is generated that directs the viewer to a unique webpageoutside of the Tk20 system, where they can only view the contents of the portfolio you have chosen to share. The contents of your Tk20 account remain secure and inaccessible to anyone other than you.

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