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Frequently Asked Questions (Introduction to Tk20)

  1. What is Tk20?
    Tk20 is a comprehensive data management system that allows students to be active online participants in multiple areas of their college experience including: course instruction, field experience, learning outcomes assessment, academic advising and career portfolio management. The Tk20 system is utilized by several other Colleges of Education around the country including Arizona State University and The Ohio State University. The UNM College of Education first implemented Tk20 in the spring semester of 2012.

    Visit for more information about Tk20 implementation at the COE.

  2. Who can attend the Tk20 portfolio workshops?
    All students (undergraduate and graduate) and faculty in the COE are able to attend the Tk20 portfolio workshops. Students have access to Tk20 for up to eight years after graduation, therefore alumni with Tk20 accounts are also able to attend. 

  3. I can't attend a workshop, but I do need help with my portfolio. Who should I contact?
    If you are unable to attend one of the portfolio workshops, our Tk20 staff members will still be available to assist you with developing your portfolio in Tk20. If, after reviewing the online resources, you would like to schedule an appointment with one of our staff members, please send an E-mail to

  4. Are the workshop handouts available online?
    Yes, all handouts provided during the workshops will be available online for your future reference. Please visit our Resources page to access these documents.

  5. What should I bring to the workshops?
    We will be providing all the necessary handouts and resources you will need to create your presentation portfolio in Tk20. You are welcome to bring a laptop if you are interested in logging into Tk20 and exploring the Tk20 portfolio module during the workshop; however, this is not required.

  6. How do I log in to Tk20?
    Go to and click on the "Students" link if you are a student or the "Faculty" link if you are a faculty member. You will log in using your UNM Net ID and password.